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Thread: Basic DK Tank Guideance

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    Basic DK Tank Guideance

    I have been tanking for a couple months now as a 80, and completely agree with the 15 Biblical Talents for a DK Tank : Toughness(5) Anticipation(5) Blade Barrier(5). You can check out my build at: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I love this build, and my rotation is very nice: DnD, IT, PS, Pest, BB, BT, BB, DC, DS (if blood rune on CD) or HS(if Blood rune off CD), DC (two if RS didn't proc too much in there).

    As a DK you need to macro Rune Strike in with every ability you are using (This is huge esp after an additional 12% inc [i believe?] threat generated from Rune Strike).
    Do this by typing the following in your macro field
    /cast [Shift-Click from your spell book the ability desired]
    /cast [Shift-Click RuneStrike from Spellbook]

    That is a must for any DK trying to start out tanking

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    One thing about your macro. It's almost correct, but a better idea would be to format it like this:

    #show tooltip [Name of ability here]
    /cast [Name of ability here]
    /cast !Rune Strike

    The '!' Keeps you from overriding a Runestrike that's already been queued, which can help your threat by a small amount.

    Also, keep an eye out here for some amazing DK tank guides (Satorri has an amazing breakdown of the blood spec, he's the man.). Or check out my blog Tank Harder! because I'm dying for feedback and just posted a (hopefully concise) DK tanking guide

    Welcome to the tanking world

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    Re: Message

    Thanks for the tip. I will try out the ! and see if it helps. I think im am going to gem my gear with the epic yellow gem +20hit since i have a good amount of dodge? and i am capped for 5man. Plus im 1emblem away from my T10hands which will increase my hit by 64
    Check my gear out if you have time on the armory and let me know if you think additional hit is the way togo? B/c if im not hitting the mob I can't generate agro lol Thanks.

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    Your opening post sounds like an Authoritative Guide, then your second post you are asking for a gear/spec critique, so who is this 'guide' aimed at? What new information are you bringing to the table? Where is your math or logs to back up the statements you are making? Why are you casting Pest as your fourth ability on (what I assume is) a boss?

    I think it's great you are doing a post like this, but the tankspot reader is a little more discerning (usually). Try and not just regurgitate what has been written before, if you are making a guide then make it comprehensive with solid numbers to back up your points.

    Research your information: your macro is a glaring example that you haven't put much time into it.

    Are you asking or telling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vine View Post

    Are you asking or telling?
    I was wondering the same thing.

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    Source: Vine

    I should have put my questions on another thread my appologies.
    My first thread was just what I feel is a strong build, and was just relaying info for anyone who is just starting out as a tank.
    Also, I am def open for any critique by any means. I always want to improve my toon and would love any and all feedback I can get like the ! in macros was good advice, cant wait to try it out later on.

    Thanks to all and any new replies

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    Here's my feedback from your armory -

    Get some new trinkets. Your first priority should be The Black Heart from Trial of the Champion regular. It may be iLevel 200 but it's one of the best tanking trinkets in the game. After that, I'd recommend either the Essence of Gossamer from AN heroic (or a brewfest stamina trinket, if you have them), or the Glyph of Indomitability if you have the badges. (keep in mind the glyph does nothing for magic damage)

    Replace your neck piece as soon as you can, the shield block isn't helping you, however I figure you're using it because it's the best you can get at the moment and no one can fault you for that. Look for a tanking neck off the Lich King encounter in Heroic HoR.

    As far as hit... it'll help your threat, sure, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way to gem for it. Still, it won't hurt either.

    Your biggest benefit, I think, will come from enchanting your gear. Get rep with Argent Dawn and enchant your helm (or if you have a main who's revered already, buy it there. They are BoA). And I'll tell you a secret... don't screw with Hodir, just do a Wintergrasp battle and farm up 10k honor, then get Greater Inscription of the Gladiator on your shoulders. Get Major Stamina on your Bracers and Mighty Armor on your cloak. Also, get an Eternal Belt Buckle for your belt, which will give you another socket (Blacksmith crafted, takes maybe 40g on the AH)

    Your spec looks pretty much right on.

    If you haven't checked out my website, please do, you might find it helpful. Also, if you want something a little more in-depth check out Satorri's guide here on tankspot

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