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Thread: Stay arms or go fury?

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    Stay arms or go fury?

    After doing a non dkp run with the guild tonight I manaded to get myself a new weapon. I was told before to wait until I have 2 x 232+ weapons before going fury so I'm wondering where I stand.

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    That's me in my current gear as arms and I won Justicebringer - Item - World of Warcraft tonight. Should I spec for TG and gem pure strength with the gear I have at the moment?

    It's my offspec so I don't tend to keep up. Thanks in advanced.

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    Since it's your offspec there's nothing wrong with taking Fury for a spin with the new weapon. I mean you have to respec anyways even if you stay Arms.

    But if you want to do serious dps you should stay arms. You have virtually no expertise, which you can get away with through 2 talents in arms and with OP, but that will probably kill you as Fury. I suppose you could change all those ArP gems to Expertise if you do try Fury, but that's a lot of money...

    Plus Ironsoul isn't the greatest OH weapon for Fury at this point.

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    So my best bet is just to keep gearing as I do and change to axe spec for the crit? Seems like the cheapest way so best in my eyes

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    The key here is: What do you like to play? Both specs will do comparable damage, so it comes down to how much fun you have with each.


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    If you like arms, stick with it. If you want to try Fury, you need to hit Expertise (26/26) cap, and hit cap (5% with 3/3 precision), then gem strength. It's completely different gemming wise from Arms, so if that is the road you want to take then by all means go for it, if not... stay the course.
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    personally i cant get over the rush of proc'in 100% arp now and again an watching all hell break loose so i will always stay arms :P
    i think the only answetr is as above try it an see

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    I've found myself asking the same question recently.
    Expertise and hit aren't a issue for me, if I go Fury.
    But I've played arms for some time and I do excellent dps.
    I'm saving up Primodial Saronites to get the Ashen Verdict BS Plans for the legs which will put me at 96% passive Arp.
    I've wanted to try fury for awhile now, but the amount of time and money I have in ArP gems makes me stay Arms.
    Honestly in the Raid's I've been in I have always beaten every Fury warrior besides one guy on my server. Who is also about as geared as I am and we do about the same amount of DPS.
    So honestly I just don't see a point with switching unless you just want to try something new.

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