After taking months off, I've decided to get back to tanking, and I'm looking to develop my character into a good MT for 10 man's, probably starting with TOC10.

Armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

My talent spec is a bit borked at the moment, was playing around with SoC for Heroic 5-mans - I will go with a standard 0/53/18 when I get my gear sorted.

Right now I have 75 Emblems of Triumph and 35 Emblems of Frost. My gear upgrade plans are, in priority order:
So my questions are:
  • Gear upgrade plans look reasonable?
  • Is 4pc T9 worth it? The Emblem of Triumph non-set helm seems to have excess Expertise - or is it clearly better than T9?
  • Gem/Enchant's look good? Bladeward on my weapon was an impulse, found someone with the enchant on my server and jumped on it.
Thanks in advance!