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Thread: Would love some advice on gear / enchantments

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    Would love some advice on gear / enchantments

    I think i posed this in the wrong section before opps!
    so here it goes:

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    Hi there I have been playing wow for some time as a NELF warrior and love the role of tank but with ICC was wondering if there is anything i may need to change? (esp with the chill of the throne etc..) I have always worked hard to get the best gear I can and enchant and gem it up but after chatting to some tanks was wondering if there was something I may need to change to my current set up.. I notice loads of tanks go stam gem mental eg soild blues all round ....Where I have always gone for stam but also dodge/ parry hit and get a good balance ...I get 47k hp on 25 icc when full buffed etc...but should I change my current are stam gems all round the way to go.... or best to get more stam less exp etc.. also I have ench and bs which are great for the ring and sockets but do you think that JC would serve me better than ench?(ench does make me nice gold as well!)....So any help and advice would be great

    cheers in advance Dizz

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    For your gems gem all 30 stamina unless the socket bonus and in that case put in a hybrid 15 stam gem, this is because almost every tank death comes from being burst down by unavoidable with in a few seconds. Change your enchants get the pvp enchant, the 225 armor to your cloak and 275 health. Grab the Black Heart and Glyph of Indom since EH is favored so much in the majority of fights. In the profession situation it doesn't really mater if pick either one since they both give almost identical stamina gains.

    For your spec I would get rid of Cruelty, Improved Spell Reflect and Improved Revenge then get Deep Wounds. Investing another point in Improved Disciplines and switching out Glyph of Sunder Armor for Glyph of Shield Wall isn't a bad idea.

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