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Thread: Arms PvP Gearing Assistance

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    Arms PvP Gearing Assistance

    Im new to PvP as a warrior I have always really been a pve fan but after tanking 90% of endgame content I want a new challenge and figured pvp might do it for me. Mainly in the 2v2 and 3v3 arena MIGHT do 5v5 im unsure there.

    So far this is what I have, Im buying all the furious gladiator gear from the badge vender as well as the all the pvp gear that doesnt require rating for now to give myself a basic set to start with. Sound about right?

    My spec is a 57/14

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    (ATM its sword spec because the best weapon i have is Edge of Agony until i get better)

    In up in the air with ToB vs Imp Hamstring. but other then that its solid

    Now my main question comes down to gems and enchants what do i need to focus on?

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    if you can pick up enough pvp gear to survive and you're comp allows you to not be burned down too quickly, you want to go full offensive for your gemming/enchants.

    Don't worry about the resil/stam enchants so much because you'll want to be able to dish out the damage. Likewise the gems once you're comfortable with your survivability, you'll want to either go ArP to softcap (IF YOU HAVE AN ARP PROC TRINKET) or just go pure str.

    Sword spec is actually very good for pvp due to the bursty nature of it and the fact that resil reduces crit and crit damage, makes double swings more effective.

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