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Thread: Does avoidance give spiky damage or not?

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    But can you gaurantee that as an EH tank, if you take all 5 hits, that you will live? On most hard hitting bosses i doubt it.

    EH is just as silly of a gamble, it's a gamble in so much as you're saying "I dont care how many times he hits me, i can live through anything" That obviously isn't true. I agree, if you have EH enough to never dodge an attack and still live, that's awesome, i just don't really believe that it's a realistic goal on a boss that hits hard. On some level, both theories "gamble" on avoidance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jock View Post
    As a side note.... if stamina/EH were everything, why wouldn't a druid be the only tank in the game?
    Common knowledge states that druids are ideal progresson tanks for this reason.

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