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Thread: Dying in 25 icc

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    Dying in 25 icc

    Im having a problem staying alive on the 1st boss in 25 man ICC. Tanking it w/ a Pally & Druid. I keep dying and they dont. getting to be pretty embarassing. I do stay stacked on them, and also avoid the fire on the ground. Here's my link to armory, and I know enchant on wep is wrong. someone accidentally gave me wrong one in raid tonight.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Your hp is low. Marrowgarr will hit for 15K-20K ever 1.2 sec. while the individual hit isnt much, it occurs fast enough that unless you can take a few of them, healing you in time can become a problem. (2 hits + an errant fire and you're dead if your healer just got spiked)

    How to fix it? Rework nearly all your gems. So much wrong there that i dont know where to start. I would suggest ditching all the hit & expertise gems. Gem for stam unless the socket bonus is 9 stam or better (or 6 stam if you feel you're missing too many socket bonuses). Dodge/stam on red sockets, def/stam on yellow sockets. The PVP shoulder enchant on the shoulders.

    Rework your enchants. Dont be cheap. Enchant for armor/health.

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    The other thing I see is you're trying to tank T10 bosses with T8 gear (i226). Upgrading those will improve your health pool too.

    Glove & Boots (i226)
    Wrists (i213)

    Run a few more heroic randoms and get the t9 gloves (30 emblems). You'll lose 5 Stam from the gloves alone...but the T9 has a gem slot. yellow, admittedly, so you won't get the socket bonus if you socket a Solid Sky Sapphire (24 stam) or Solid Majestic Zircon (30 stam), but given that all the mixes are +15 stam, you're gaining 3-9 stamina by ignoring the socket bonus...and 19-25 Stam over your current gloves.

    Keep the current ones for running heroics, though - the block value is nice for trash & heroics, and see if you can scrape up enough cash to have the Saronite Swordbreakers made. They're quite the upgrade over your current bracers (link for comparison Item Comparison Tool - World of Warcraft)

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    The bracers can be socketed for even more stam.

    And there are some nice 232 boots that drop in H.Halls of Reflection, but even without those, the upgrade to the bracers and the gloves nets you a 37 Stam bonus upgrade from the items alone, with another 57-90 depending on how you gem them (personally, I'd go for the pure stam, unless you need a different color for activating your meta, but it looked like that was covered by your current gemming).

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    You right on the cusp gear level wise. However, your gemming and enchanting leave much to be desired.

    I would:

    Socket every socket with stam minus one purple gem for expertise / stam to activate your meta.
    Enchant my chest for the maximum health (275?)
    Fashion the blacksmith ToC Bracers.
    Put blood draining on weapon
    Get Tier Gloves
    Swap Glyph of cleaving with glyph of shieldwall
    Drink indestructible pots.

    Hope that helps.

    Be a Champion, not a hero.


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    Get rid of that dodge trinket as well, otherwise follow Drae's advice. Stamina (Black Heart, Heart of Iron, Satrina's/Juggernaut's).
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Not saying you have to, but in addition to the fine advice given above: Since my "job" is now supporting progression first, (and I have alts for other-than-raiding), I dropped my Arms offspec for a pure survival build and glyphed for 2 minute cooldowns on Last Stand and Shield Wall. So in situations like you currently find yourself in where Threat takes a back seat, there is the option to flip speccs and have a big 'Oh Crap...' button available.

    Again - Not saying you have to. But I've found it highly useful to have the option to drop Last Stand or Shield Wall on (for example) the transition from each whirlwind phase... knowing that it *will* be available again for the next. At that point, the entire raid is scrambling to reposition, just the same way as you and your tank partners are. The few seconds breathing room during this time definitely helps.

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    Gem exp/stam until you are 26 expertise. Gem for stamina otherwise.

    In yellow sockets with high str(like your helm) use hit+stam unless you need gemming to get 540 defense.

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