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Thread: About Caster-Mobs, Expertise and other things

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    About Caster-Mobs, Expertise and other things


    First: this is my Prot-Warrior. I'm very happy to have chosen a warrior - it's just great fun to play it. Things work out pretty well, but there are some situations I'm not happy yet:

    1) Caster Packs: A good example would be the pulls leading to the first boss in the Forge of Souls. My strategy is to charge the first target (shield block on the way), apply shield bash to silence, then Heroic Throw silence the one that is the furthest away from me, Thunderclap, take one or two steps back, Shock Wave as soon as all the casters are in range.

    This works well in lets say 60% of the cases. And when it does, no problem from then. But when someone pulls aggro BEFORE I can shockwave, the whole pull gets screwed up. I taunt back, use Mocking Blow, AE-taunt, swap targets, charge, intervene, intercept and Devestate and Shield Slam like hell - but they just keep running away . Also I often get rage-starved when that happens, which makes it even worse. What am I doing wrong there?

    2) As far as I know Warriors should be the best single target tanks right now. It's not that I have big issues keeping aggro from bosses, but when I watch other prots doing it, it seems more relaxed ^^. Especially hunters and warlocks tend to get me at around 30-60 seconds after the pull (when the first thread-wave from missdirection and shield block fades). Could it have something to do with my expertise rating/hit rating?

    3) About Hit Cap and Expertise. Every guide I read about that clames a different hit cap, some say expertise is worthless, some say it's over important (I know it's not that bad.. but still). What are those really doing and what Hit-Level should I aim for to keep Aggro from ICC bosses?

    4) About gemming. Some tell me to only socket stamina, because the benefit you get from +20 Dodge/Parry isn't worth the HP you lose if you would socket stamina. Others tell me I should socket Dodge and Parry because avoidance is more important than HP. Who should I listen to? ^^

    You don't know how much you could help me by answering those questions

    Cheers, Panzer

    EDIT: I forgot: I use the "priority queue" for my single-target tanking. Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate (Heroic Strike as rage dump, rend when I feel like it), Thunderclap and Demoralizing Shout (only on melees) always up as a debuff as soon as I have initial aggro. When there's no need to interrupt, I use shield bash (its free so why not).
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    OK, after a few hours of reading I saw that I really really missed a lot of stuff when I read into warrior tanking *ashamed*

    Since defense shouldn't be an issue with my gear right now, do you agree that hitting at least 26 Exp (soft cap) should be my primary goal now? Would you recommend to socket all red slots to pure +Exp gems?

    About gemming: When I understood all I read correctly:

    - The Defence:Dodge ratio should be 2:1 (if this is true I have far too much dodge)
    - The Dodge-10:Parry-10 ratio should be 1.88:1 (so I have too much parry)

    My conclusion would be: Replace pure avoidance gems with Stam/Def gems. Agree?

    Further: Replace my enchants to a bit more EHP oriented balance (from Agathon's Post).

    I'm at hitcap so no problem there. But get off my a** and get the sword and the shield from new heroics and the trinket from ToC nonhero. Maybe buy the back for 50 frost emblems?

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    Panzer, I was debating making a thread about topic 1. Those caster packs kill me and I don't know how to deal with them well.

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    In reply to point 1: it helps if you have intelligent DPS who know which mobs to target, and that can interrupt. I swear I'm the only person who ever interrupts in a 5man, the dps just like to pimp their meters. A simple kick or counterspell is all it takes for the pull to get back into shape, but the rogue will just Fan of Knives and the mage just Blizzards.

    As for point 2: I realise you are not making a statement as to the best single target threat, but what evidence do you have that warriors are #1? It's generally accepted that paladins are top of the heap in both survivability and threat.

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    Your forgetting one of the warriors stongest tools for tanking casters.. Spell Reflect.

    On the pull you mentioned for example.. I pop my bloodrage, and charge the closest melee. I immediately pop spell reflect and thunderclap. This should cause the caster's first spell to fire at you and get reflected giving you priorty aggro on him on the pull. Now its run gather them up shockwave and start Thunderclap and Cleaves. At this point just keep spell reflect on cool down while performing your normal aoe rotations and you should find you have a bit easier of a time with maintaining the casters attention.

    The key to remember about casters is that they dont have to always be in your melee range for you to effectively tank them.

    ps: This works well with the two pack 5 caster packs after ick, and the mages in HoR

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