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Thread: DK Tanking Weapon Priorities

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    DK Tanking Weapon Priorities

    I recently inherited a 80 DK. Since I'm pretty bored right now and have wayy to much time to play WoW, I decided that I would deck him out in some tank gear and try my hand at DK tanking.

    Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about DK tanking

    My main question is what should I be looking for in a tanking weapon. I want to stick with two-handed weapons. I currently have

    Tyrannical Beheader - Item - World of Warcraft

    I am using it to DPS as I grind all my emblems. Will this be a suitable tanking weapon? or should I go for something like

    Mourning Malice - Item - World of Warcraft

    for the expertise and extra stamina.

    Should the DPS of a weapon come before the stats? As long as I'm hit/expertise capped, does it really matter what weapon I use?

    Another quick question: What sigil should I be grinding toward for ToC/ICC tanking?

    Thanks in advance for help!

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    As long you've got healthy amounts of hit and expertise, it's best to use the weapon with the highest end damage (as a rule of thumb, not hard and fast, etc.).

    For Sigil, get Insolence.

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    Its hard to say what is the "best" DK tanking weapon.
    Expertise on a weapon makes it easier to be Expertise capped, so you don't have to gem or enchant for it.
    As a general rule, I go with the weapon that has the most Stamina.

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    The issue appears in group pulls, single target I can hold my own.

    My rotation is: Open with a D&D, IT+PS, pestilance, HB, BB, then go from there

    Also, when you say use HB as an opener, is that without diseases on? =S

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    If you're already hit and expertise capped, then prioritize weapon base dmg next. And you don't even need to be Hit capped, except on bosses that require constant taunting like Gormok, as I just discovered.

    However, keep in mind that even if you're hit/exp capped, a weapon like Mourning Malice (or Sharpened Obsidian Edge Blade) will let you replace your Expertise gems with Stam gems. So sometimes, dropping ilvls to something like Mourning Malice is a valid move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salveras View Post
    Also, when you say use HB as an opener, is that without diseases on? =S
    For trash packs, without. For bosses, with (your rotation minus Pest). Edit: for bosses, use Oblit instead of HB.

    Even without, it's still the strongest opener for Frost. It frontloads more threat more quickly than any other ability. Extremely useful when pugging w/ trigger happy dps who don't wait for the tank to build aggro.

    Even with the Glyph of HB, the first HB is diseaseless. But the subsequent BB + DnD are buffed by Glacier Rot and Tundra Stalker, as are all subsequent HBs. That sequence is usually enough to ensure your aggro lead for the rest of the fight, at least on trash.
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    I take higher threat weapons over a bit of stam. The beheader has a gem socket, so you can put a +30 or +51 stam gem, making it +10 or +31 stam higher.

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