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Thread: New to DPS

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    New to DPS

    Okay new to posting as well as to Fury. I will just get out that my gear is obviously a work in progress and some are not even enchanted yet as I just got them.

    My question is this:

    To get my DPS up as high as possible (ignoring the rotation which I will continue to work on), what should I change out. Is my hit too high? I think my expertise is too low if reading some other posts shows me anything.

    I am trying to do some randoms to gear up so I am an open book as to what I should go for!

    So far it is pretty fun going fury. Big change from prot.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Hopefully my profile will come through. I might even have some other stuff in the bank and not realize it is better than the stuff I am wearing. As I said, kind of new to it all!

    Try not to roast me too badly LOL.


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    Personal Armory Lookup's, even DPS ones, belong in the HALP! forum.


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    Okay so I got lucky on a pit run and snagged the gold belt, the gun from the last boss and the 2 ton hammer. Is there a good way to get the expertise up to help avoid dodges and such? I think changing out a couple of these pieces dropped me to like 213 or so hit rating.

    Didn't get to check out the new damage with the new stuff but it has to be better with it.

    Any advice is welcome!

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    Your talents are good.

    I would change Glyph of Execution to Glyph of Heroic Strike (even though you're probably too rage starved to heroic strike much... I still think its a better option than the execute glyph).

    As for gear.... a lot of it is pretty poor (the neck, the wrists, the tank ring (?) and trinkets) and so your first priority is to farm up Triumph badges through chain heroics.

    You're going to want to pick up 4 pieces of T9 ASAP (starting with legs for the expertise, and skipping shoulders since you have a decent piece in there already). There's a lot of good gear to be gained from Triumph Badges so just look at the vendor in Dal and map out which upgrades you want.

    I'd also suggest running the three new heroic dungeons as much as you can for upgrades out of there (Tryannical Betrayer and Needle-Encrusted Scorpion come to mind).

    What's the deal with your gems in your hands?

    Change your meta to: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond - Item - World of Warcraft and activate it with a Nightmare's tear somewhere where you'll get a good socket bonus. Gem straight strength after that...

    So grind heroics till you're geared enough from badges to get into ToC then work from there. You want your expertise up to at least 24, ideally capping at 26. Your hit is a little high but probably not something to worry about right now since you're going to be upgrading a lot of gear quickly if you put the time in.

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