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Thread: Where can I make Improvements?

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    Where can I make Improvements?

    A few things i wanted opinions on. First off, my Armory

    Wanted to know if I'm heading in the right direction based on my gems and chants.

    Second, was wondering what types of different rotations everyone uses. I just want to compare mine and see what others out there think.

    Depending on the situation, ill either open with a charge or a heroic throw (throw if there is a caster involved, charge otherwise) followed up by TC and shockwave. To maintain aggro, i use devestate with glyph of sunder armor so im getting threat on other targets aside from my main focus. When revenge is up, i use that followed by a heroic strike (glyphed) to maintain my rage, with an occasional cleave here and there if i have the spare rage. TC and shockwave are always used when up.

    I also managed to set up heal bot to watch my party members health, and also as an easy intervene option if someone is taking damage (healbot programmed with a prot ability ftw)

    Any thoughts about improvements?

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    Well The easy route is to point you to several guide's floating around here, starting with Aggathon's guide over in the gear section.


    Talents: You got Impale but not deep wounds? Get some points out of cruelty and go 3/3 Deep Wounds ASAP. Also, lose Iron Will. It's basically a PVP talent, it's not very useful for tanking. Put the points in improved HS, as HS should be a critical part of your threat gen on single targets.

    Get rid of Glyph of Revenge...with improved HS and Focused Rage you won't get that much out of the occasional free HS. I would also get rid of Glyph of Battle Shout...you should never really be using BS unless there's another warrior tank doing Challenging Shout, and sometimes I double up on CS anyway in case we

    In the prot tree, get 3/3 Critical Block and 2/2 Damage shield.

    As far as rotations, it's not so much a rotation as a priority list.

    Shield slam should be used whenever it is up.
    When it is not, use revenge whenever it is up (unless using glyph of devastate, in which case you can leave revenge out)
    Whenever you can't use Revenge or SS, use devastate
    In aoe situations, use TC and shockwave every cooldown.
    Use heroic strike or cleave (depending on the number of targets) whenever you have rage to spare.
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    Definitely appreciate the advice. And Agg's guide was a huge help. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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