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Thread: Dual Spec

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    Dual Spec

    I have 2 specs on my prot pally, one for packs of mobs and one for bosses or single mobs in general.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Any suggestions to improve them?

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    it depends on what you want to improove, with those talents i guess you have no problem in your threat, but what about your survivability? do you think your hp bar looks like an heart atack?
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    I thought Redoubt was a given for prot Paladins? Why have you skipped it on (what I assume is) your single target spec?

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    Yeah I agree, skipping redoubt is a big no-no. Having the points into Seals of the Pure is pointless...as a tank you don't need to be doing more damage, you need to hold threat and not die. Yes, I understand the mindset of, well more damage = more threat, but I've never had a problem with threat as a pally tank, not using that spell...it's just a waste of good talent points. I'm also pretty sure you don't need reckoning in either spec...it's just not as useful as it used to be.
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