Ok, I have a question about Arms vs. Fury. I personally think that an arms warrior could be better than fury and dont wanna abandon my arms spec. I'm doing ~4.7k average in ICC, even more on bosses(I'm doing 9k+ on trash with bladestrom but that's pretty much useless, since I can't constantly use BS).
What's frustrating is that I'm usually 2nd on damage done, yet I can't keep my dps above 5k throughout all ICC.
I would love if any1 could comment on my gear, where do I have to improve and any rotations that might improve my dps.
My rotation:
After I charge in it's like this:
Rend=> Mortal Strike=> Slam=> Overpower=> Execute(If proc is up)...and repeat.
I choose Overpower > Execute.
Thank you all in advance.

EDIT: It seems that my tankspot armory link doesnt work so here's the link just in case: