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Thread: Which neck piece?

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    Which neck piece?

    With The Arbiter's Muse - Item - World of Warcraft I have around 150 more hp and more armor, but only at 20 expertise.

    With Endurance of the Infernal - Item - World of Warcraft I'm expertise soft capped at least which helps being parry hasted less. I have a little less EH and less strength, but my threat is a bit better, and my (although miniscule) avoidance is a tiny bit higher.

    However I don't have any threat issues at all, but everytime i see a dodge or parry it frustrates me, plus the parry haste reason.

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    unless threat is an issue go with the arbiter's muse for more EHP. You can always switch to expertise/stam food to hit the expertise cap.
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    Recipe: Rhinolicious Wormsteak - Item - World of Warcraft yields 4.88% expertise SKILL (according to rating buster in-game).
    Guardian's Dreadstone - Item - World of Warcraft yields 1 expertise SKILL. You need at least 1 red/purple gem to activate your meta, this is a fine option.

    so depending on the fraction over 20 you have you should be at 26 SKILL.
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    As those who posted before me said I would suggest getting the expertise from another source. Arbiter's is such an amazing EH piece that it's hard to use something else. Still trying to ninja a heroic version of it lol.

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