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Thread: [Guide] Professor Putricide

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    [Guide] Professor Putricide

    I've compiled a quick basic guide for the professor, due to lack of information around the web.

    Professor Putricide (25man)

    This fight was never really tested on PTR so there's a lot of unknowns. Well it was tested for 1 day, but massively bugged so this is all the info people got out of it...

    It starts off as a bit of a tank and spank. Some people must click his table to become a abom you control that has several abilities of use throughout the encounter. They can eat up slime pools on the ground, slow adds and give a small increase to melee dps.

    Mutated Transformation is gained from drinking a potion on the table. They turn you into an abomination, and the raid will take 4.5K damage per 2 sec. But in turn they will aid the fight with...

    • Eat Ooze, which consumes the various slime pools that are dropped
    • Regurgitate Ooze, which will slow targets by 50%, will be key to kiting things
    • Mutated Slash, which increases physical damage taken by 4% for 20 sec stacks to 5

    That's what they have to do, basically in that order.

    There will be Gas Clouds that chase random targeted player, who would have a 10 stack of Gaseous Bloat on them. Every 2 seconds, it'll do the damage and drop off a stack. When the Gas Cloud catches up, you explode, the more stacks you still have the higher the damage. So, one, run the fuck away and try to drop off the stacks. Two, the Abomination should try to slow the Gas Cloud down. Three, Ranged DPS try burn the Gas Cloud down before he can even reach the target.

    There will be Volatile Oozes that target a random player, roots them in place and slowly goes to him. When he reaches the target, it will explode for 40K, but split among all hit within 10 yards. So one, Abomination slow this one down. Two, group up around the target if convenient to split the damage. Three, melee dps should try to burn it down, if failed, they're at least all near the target by the time it reaches so they can all split the damage. Ranged dps can help out too if they finish off their Gas Clouds. Also if failed to burn it down, the ooze will randomly select a new target so regroup.

    Once all that is taken care of, you can play with Putricide. Or maybe it's more of a split raid thing, like M'uru/Deathwhisper, with some on boss, some kill adds, etc.

    But anyways, Putricide himself mostly does things that you just have to run away from. Choking Gas, don't stand in them. Expanding Ooze, what the abominations must eat up, don't stand in them. Malleable Goo, another Shadow Crash thing, so don't stand under the area they're gonna hit.

    Unsure how many people should drink the potions to become Abom's, testing will probally need to be taken to find the right mix.

    Also i hear we only get 10 attempts????

    So basically i think it will work as follows:
    3 Aboms
    Abom1 - Watchs for clouds and slows them down while range burns the cloud b4 it reachs the player.
    Abom2 - Watchs for Ooze's Slows them down while melle dps burn it and stack on the rooted target as it gets close.
    Abom3 - backup, will handle any double spawns or overlapping spawns of clouds or oozes, additionally can apply the debuff on Prof, to increase deeps.

    Raid needs to watch out for the "shadowcrash" like mechanic where the professor throws vials at people. And raid just needs to focus hard on switching to burn down the gas/ooze. I'm unsure on HP of the oozes/gas clouds so i would suggest at this point all the raid works on adds. If they have low HP which i doubt, but if they do, we can make burn teams on the adds, as i know all encoutners prior to this one in this wing have short enrages. So i think the issue will be with balancing DPS on Prof, with dps to control the other mechanics.

    Additionally i will be streaming live our ICC 25man Attempts when servers come up, so head over to and you can watch us if you like. Especially if there is only limited attempts, prior information is going to be a big advantage.
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    Yea 10 attempts, until more gates open up.

    3 aboms would have a 13.5K damage per 2 sec aura going on the entire raid wouldn't it? Sounds a bit steep to heal through.

    But since it's disease cleansable, maybe it's only meant to be used as need be. Like when a slime pool goes out, someone grabs a potion, cleanse off after. When gas comes out, grab a potion, cleanse off after, etc.

    Or perhaps just the 1 constant abom, with brief assistance when necessary. Will have to see the spawn rate on things.

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    yes i think your right, but at bare minimum you would need at least 1 constant abom up. In 25man i cant see it being only 1 thing to deal with at a time... Guess time will tell.

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    There's something in the PTR vids and soundfiles about 'slime pipes' and I remember people having to click valves.

    Any ideas?
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    Maybe somthing like cleanising on Patchwerk in poison, cause i saw there some poison spurt up. Will be rly funny in live servers.

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    isn't the abomo damage aura a range thing and not totally raid wide?

    and likewise with the clouds, is their much point killing them when one person can kite (with abomos helping slow) it until their bloat stacks get low and they can just pop it. same with oozes - no point wasting dps on something that can be handled withut killing, if they even can be killed.
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    hey man, thanks for sharing.

    between you, wowhead and stratfu i was able to put together something to go on for the guild tonight

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    anyone know how much HP the boss has for 10 or 25?

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    All information on this boss fight is super-speculative. Essentially, this boss was not "really" tested [Yes, a few guilds in the EU got one attempt before it broke].

    What info out there could be right, or it could be horribly wrong. This is why I passed on writing a pre-release guide for this boss. I would hate to have 90% of the info I researched change (which is likely), and be the "blame" for wipes on a boss with limited attempts.

    As soon as I can identify a working strat on the boss, I will have it up.
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