Hiya. Ever since I hit the mid 60s on my warrior, I've been gidy with excitement about the prospect of tanking. I did a fair bit of research/planning, crafted/bought some decent gear, and now I'm ready to start tanking heroics.

My problem is, as soon as i entered (I made sure to only que up for easy ones; Nexus, UK, AN, etc) I was surrounded by people garbed in all (or nearly all) epics who expect me to keep up with them. To a few of my groups credit, I have gotten groups who'll be nice, and the rogue will use tricks of the trade and the dps will wait a few seconds before starting, but for the most part, I've had groups who want to go at their pace and expect me to keep up. Now even with the patient groups, i seem to loose aggro pretty quickly when the T10.5+ equipped aoe dps gets at it. I've even lost aggro on a boss once due to a flurry of crits on an extremely well equipped rogues part, luckily i could taunt and continue, but it got me nervous.

The problem I'm having is primarily with aoe threat, but like i said, even on single target it seems a few crits in a row on a really well geared player can screw that up for me. I feel guilty as a tank, holding the group back, and i've had a few people tell me to go in as dps until i could buy tier gear with badges, but I really want to get used to tanking, so I'm not going in blind with tier gear (that and I only have Tank Gear).

Ill make a list of my rotations, and my character's name is Mtzgrmeister on Draenor, US server if anyone cared to guide me on some gear choices The World of Warcraft Armory - Mtzgrmeister @ Draenor - Profile Any Insight to some tips/tricks, rotation changes, anything, would be EXTREMLY helpful. As I've said, I oft feel guilty on not being able to hold aggro as the tank, so anything to keep my group protected is really appreciated.

**if you're looking at this today, my def may be a scosh under 540 because i just equipped an essence of gossamer and got rid of a def trink, I'm going to slap a thick autumn's on tommorow which should bump it back up.

Rotation for Multiple Mobs: (If they're not too close to another group, if they are, same thing except heroic throw the caster then LOS the group) Charge first target (a caster if present), thunderclapping as i reach target. Shockwave toward the group. Demo Shout. Devastate on target 2x (I'm glyphed for 2 sunders per devastate) tab to next target, devastate 2x more tab again, wash rinse repeat. All the while using Thunderclap, Devestate, Shield Slam, Revenge, and Cleave on current target whenever they're up pretty much in that order of importance, oh, and if my current target is a caster, ill use my shield bash.

Rotation for Single Mob/Boss: Shield block, charge, shield slam, Demo Shout, Devestate to five, and using Shield Slam, Revenge, Thunderclap, Devastate, Heroic Strike in that order of importance whenever they're up.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart in advance for any help you can give, it is much appreciated. Peace, have a nice day.