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Thread: Speccing Advice

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    Speccing Advice

    So I've been tanking since classic, since stance dancing was the cool thing to do and even when warriors went on strike way back when.

    I've always checked out your guy's boss strategies before heading into a raid, but this is my first time coming to the forums, I spent about an hour reading on various posts and felt very very stupid , I still consider myself an experienced reliable tank, but now I know I have much more to learn than i previously thought.

    Anyways to the meat of the subject, I have dual spec, and never use my arms offspec and want to make a raid tanking (i tank ToCr in my casual guild, and ICC10 with friends in various other guilds when they're in need, which is somewhat often) and raid trash/heroic build.

    The two builds i'm thinking of using are as follows:

    Heroics/Raid trash with glyphs of blocking, cleaving, sunder armor, with minors of thunder clap, command, and bloodrage.

    Raid spec I put points in imp thunder clap because my guild doesn't regularly raid with anyone who applies a better slowing effect. I'd use glyphs of vigilance, blocking, and taunt, with minors of thunder clap, command, and bloodrage.

    This is my current spec which has worked but probably needs some work, seeing as i haven't changed it since i hit 80

    Any input is much appreciated! Thanks for your time!
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