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Thread: Fury Dps HELP

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    Fury Dps HELP

    So my OFFSPEC is fury, and after grabbing two 251 Citadel Enforcers or watever from Marrowgar 10 man i decided i should make fury my offspec, maybe im a noob and cant dps with it, but Arms is SOOOOO much more dps i cant stand it. Now i LIKE to think the rest of my gear is pretty decent but on bosses like jaraxxus in ToC 10 i stayed on boss entire time and did 4k, barely. a arms warrior with far less gear and switching did 4.7k. (No bloodlust) i follow all the guides and glyph appropriately (i think) and i just dont know what the problem is.


    WW > BT > Slam (if proc) then wait til GCD up, then repeat, if over 50 rage HS Spam, if i fall below then stop HS.

    Pop Deathwish after i pop berserking or watever the big CD is for beserker stance that gets crits for next 3 abilities or something.

    Is there something im doing wrong? is there a filler in between GCD of WW and BT? like Slam or something im not doing?

    And i know the obvious problem most jump to would be missing Slam Procs but i swear i stare at the buffs and wait for SLAM! to show up on interface (slam alert) but my dps still sucks. i hit every slam proc.


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    there are a few things you can change:
    change your str/haste gems to str/crit
    drop your expertise/hit gem, you are well over the hit cap and even if you went down to 25 expertise that is ok because the cap is like halfway in between 25 and 26.
    change your meta to a 21agi 3% crit damage one and then drop the purple gem in your ring for an arp one so you are closer to the soft cap
    for your spec drop two talents somewhere and max our intensify rage (I would suggest the 2 in imp berserker rage but that's just me)

    Do you have any parses we could look at? they would be a big help in determining any further issues.

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    Ok, thank you. and no, no parses unfortunetly. I wish, but as i said its just an offspec i just pug with when im burnt out on tanking.

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