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Thread: Fast or slow?

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    Hey Sennex! Yeh, that SS is of me. Heh. Now, the thing to remember about those runs is we had myself (MT of Misanthropy), Xync, one of our best main healers, and 2 main DPS that pull insane amounts of damage. The one PuG we had wasn't really a deciding factor in any of this.

    Would I pull like this with a full PuG or even a majority PuG? Absolutely not. You need good DPS to pull that many packs and to not die, you need a good healer with good mana regen to keep up with you, and most of all, if you can't tank that amount of mobs don't risk the god damned wipe. You need to know your limits, and the limits of the group. Sure, I pull a few packs at a time with PuGs, simply because I know that even if my healer is in blues, my gear makes up for his lack of it in those cases. Pulling 5-7 packs at a time with 1-2 bosses, all while keeping aggro? I wouldn't attempt that without a very solid group.

    As a guild, we don't need anything out of these heroics. We were just having some fun, having a few drinks and running beeroics. We want them to go fast, and push our limits, because otherwise they are quite frankly too boring. That SS is of an extreme situation (or shortly thereafter one), not of something I do every day (unless I have guildies). I love pushing my limits, especially as a warrior tank (a tank class that still needs quite a bit of skill to multi mob tank properly).

    Its all about finding a happy medium and looking at all aspects of your group. How is my gear, how is my healers gear, how is my DPS classes' DPS? It all factors into how fast you can realistically pull an instance, and the same goes for raids. Would I pull like this in Naxx? Damned straight. Would I have done it in Naxx gear? Probably not to the same extent, after all I had less than half the HP now than I did in Naxx. It's all relative! Although I do love that SS :P

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    For me, the speed is dictated by two simple rules:

    1. Do not lose aggro. If you can chain pull like a demon and still hold the entire room, then go for it.

    2. "Wait for the healer, or wait for the rez." I always let my healer know that THEY are the ones that can get a pause from me instantly for mana or to answer the phone or whatever.

    What is a big help is that EVERYONE but a tank needs to wait for LFG, heals only a minute or two, and dps for up to 10-15 minutes. So grab grateful guildies on their alts and they will love you and tolerate ANYTHING you want to do.

    /useful for forcing the group to go after proto-drake achievements

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