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Thread: What Should My DPS Be?

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    What Should My DPS Be?

    Hey all.

    here is my current gear: Armory

    what level of DPS should I expect?

    once i have your thoughts, there will be more questions i am sure. thanks!

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    In general? Ballpark? Based on your experiences? Asking so that I can formulate my next questions....

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    first of all there are a few thing you can change

    1) try to drop 3 expertise from either your gems, or more ideally your enchants.
    2) you do not need to gem for hit because you are well over the cap
    3) because you currently don't have an arp gem and are not close to the hard cap gemming ArP will probably be less DPS than gemming strength. However if you think you will be getting a Needle encrusted scorpion some time relatively soon then I would leave the arp gems in for now as you would be close to the soft cap with a NES

    unfortunately that's all I can tell you as of right now because when I tried to check your talents I got an armory error and now I can't even view your profile...

    as far as your DPS, I would think with the proper gems and what not you would be capable of doing like 5-6k (25man raid buffs) depending on the fight duration

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