Post: Tanking Who To Bring? DK? Why?
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This isn't the wow forums, armory look ups, then insults are NOT condoned here, and your points aren't valid in a tanking discussion forum where we try to foster fair play for all tanking classes, and unless you want to get into mathcraft to prove us all wrong, you're in the wrong.

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This is yet another uninformed opinion and has no place on these boards. Min/max is the BS as you would say. Every tanking class can tank all encounters the same.. period. they need the gear that is matched to the encounter and skill but that is all. Not a single tank class is superior to any other. I might sound a bit hostile... I could care less. The propagation of this kind of baseless bias on "the" finest tank forums ticks me off.
well first off you’re a hypocrite, since i also find your post as an uniformed opinion that has no merit on this thread

then id like to point out your dk doesn’t have any 25m achievements or 10m hard modes other then a handful of uld junk ones. if you wanna claim you capable of them maybe you should do one. i digress, bring the player works for 10m trivial content is what i should have said...

"Not a single tank class is superior to any other."
overall is debatable, but for specific fights that’s absolutely false

my point is dk tanks excel at 3 fights i can think of. i dare you to list more.

therefore, why would you waste tanking rings, trinkets, necks and non-set pieces on them. let alone bring them to encounters they tax your healers on. not sayin you wont kill it, but your wasting mana when you don’t have to. or, bring less heals more dps and don’t use a squishy tank etc.

ill even appease you point: yes all tanks can tank anything. also, I’ve seen a shammy tank ulduar and a rogue tank BT, doesn’t mean its ideal. go ask healers who do real content which class they want tanking for them. then find me one that says they would have wanted a DK for Gormok the week heroic was unlocked.