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Thread: protection warrior rotation

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    protection warrior rotation

    Well i have specced prot warrior and i have lvl to 41 but i have not found a good rotation too use. I dont have devestate yet most rotations i have looked at use that as main key.

    Im doing mostly instances and so on thats why i need a good rotation.

    So what should i use and in what order?
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    Sunder Armor and thunder clap with some heroic strike/cleave. You are awfully low to be really concerned about that, as most "rotations" are based on being at 80. If you have revenge, use that too.
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    I agree with Mellvar, tanking while leveling is as simple as jumping into prot spec and /facerolling.

    It gets much more complicated at 80 though, at a glance against more than one mob its charge, shield slam, revenge.

    From there you should be spamming cleave/heroic strike, depending on how many mobs you got, and spamming devastate whenever shield slam, and revenge aren't on CD, and assuming the mob is already under the effects of thunder clap and demoralizing shout.

    Feel like i'm confusing you more than i'm helping so i'll shut up there, kinda hard to sum up tanking in a nutshell

    Good luck! You've picked the best career path!

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    At 40 you should get Shield Slam, which will be your primary single target threat move, forever.

    Your other moves include Revenge, Sunder Armor, Thunderclap and Concussion Blow (which is a talent).

    Cleave/Heroic Strike can be used on the next melee swing if you're high in the rage.

    There is no set rotation for warriors, we are not arcane mages. It's priority based, and at your level for single targets, Shield Slam > Revenge > Sunder Armor (imo) and use Conc blow on a 2nd target to stun it and put threat on it.

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