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Thread: What Frost Emblems piece to get first?

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    What Frost Emblems piece to get first?

    Hello. I'm in a dilemma concerning what piece should I invest on first, I've seen several people saying the cloak is BoE even with hard modes (probably a better one will drop from Arthas), however I have the 245 cloak from ToC25 and feel like I should rather get something else, any thoughts fellow DK Tanks? The World of Warcraft Armory Thanks in advance

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    Take a look at what gear is available now, take a look at the upcoming gear from the next wing, take a look at the badge gear. Build a set out of those and see what stats are missing. That should make up your mind on which piece to buy.

    I bought the badge chest Cataclysm Chestguard to fill in the serious lack of expertise on gear in the foreseeable future.

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    for me (Prot War) i replaced my cloak first.

    The vendorable cloak options for tanks, are pretty weak... theres the 213 cloak and thats about it. Theres a 219 cloak from one of the new ICC5mans that is ALMOST identical to the 213 one.

    The 264 cloak, however, is pimp... espeically compared to those 2 crap cloaks i just listed.

    Typically, i approach upgrades like this: What is the lowest piece of gear i have? How much improvement will i gain by upgrading this, over another piece?

    A lot of times, replacing the lowest piece of gear WILL give you the most beneift, over replacing something else... but as your gear all starts to reach the same ilvl, its not quite as cut and dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vine View Post
    I bought the badge chest Cataclysm Chestguard to fill in the serious lack of expertise on gear in the foreseeable future.
    That is also my plan for my next purchase, as I have the ToC tanking cloak also and seem to be slim on hit and/or expertise if I equip all my new gear.
    Cloak of the Unmoving Guardian - Item - World of Warcraft
    But I did decide to be bad this time ( for once ) , and by the shoulders first as I really, really hated the looks of T9 shoulders. ><

    Its really a good idea to take a look at your gear, and see if you need hit, expertise, where you can get those if you need it. And just go from there. There are a couple threads here already with good breakdowns on FB gear specifics as well.

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    The belt seemed like a must buy for me. I'm looking at spending the other badges on Tier gear.

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