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Thread: Gief Moar Threat!

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    Gief Moar Threat!

    Well yes, it's another thread asking for help with what should be a relatively simple problem.

    I'm entirely new to tanking, I've been a resto druid for as long as I can remember, but some recent off spec gear pickups have facilitated the move into a feral tanking offspec.

    So last night I gathered up some guildies and went to test my new gear out in OS10. Understandably, I sucked at aoe threat generation. Even with Maul glyphed and a heavy swipe-spammey rotation for the trash, I felt I was losing aggro to the more over enthusiastic dps'ers. Then, watching my threat meter very closely tanking sartharion, I was only ever a tiny edge above the top dps, who was outputting about 7.1k dps, to my 2k (ish).

    Is this normal? Should I be making more of a thread lead on a single target vs. the DPS? Is there anything more I can do to boost aoe threat, besides just spamming swipe? Should I be gemming less stam and more strength/agility?

    (as you can see, I'm very new to this)

    On Sarth I was keeping mangle on CD, mauling a lot, stacking lascerate to 5, etc etc. Any tips on a rotation would be very helpful!

    Thanks in advance guys! If you wanna just point me in the direction of helpful posts/websites I should be reading, thats cool too!

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    You didn't mention faerie fire. You should be using both mangle and faerie fire on CD. And Maul should be a an every attack thing, mauling 'a lot' is not enough.

    For AOE:
    Glyphed Maul + Swipe + Mangle on CD and FF on CD

    If your DPS is focusing on the kill order, you should have no problem with threat. Swipe will more than take care of healer threat, and you should switch targets temporarily when you have a threat lead to top off your threat on the rest of the pack. If you have single target DPS attacking a target that you're only swiping (2x per 6 seconds, when not using FF or Mangle), then you should let them die repeatedly until they learn.

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