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Thread: Arms warrior DPS kind of low

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    Arms warrior DPS kind of low

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I can't seem to get my DPS above 3.8k or so and I'm wondering if it's because I don't have any ArP gems. Should I drop some strength gems and pick up ArP ones? Fury is an offspec because I was going to try that out when I got another decent 2-hander.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think the issue is that you have way too much hit. Hit above 263 all goes to waste as arms and you have 435 according to your armory. My suggestion would be for you to find other gear without hit before changing your gemming since a lot of the gear with +hit is going to have to be replaced.

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    recently gone Blacksmithing?
    level that quick and socket bracers and gloves.

    the other cloak, the one with higher ArP would have been nicer...

    yea, you are way over on +Hit.

    go try to get Needle Encrusted Scorpion from HoR... dont seem that you'll get too much ArP from gems and/or gear...

    although us Arms Warriors are a bit confused with this whole ArP issue, i think it's pretty much clear...

    if you can get 30~40% passive (from gear and gems) then gem for ArPen...
    T9 2pc gives you 6% ArPen
    Battle Stance gives you 10% ArPen

    2 ways to achieve 100% ArPen
    1) trinket proc (take into consideration at what percentage ArP upon proc, + 10% for Stance, +6% for T9 2pc, and the balance is what you need to get from gear/gem)
    2) passive (gear and gem gives you enough ArP to reach appx 80% and above...) enabling you to use other trinkets such as DMC-G and even Banner of Victory...

    there's a ton of good info here... read up some and should help...
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah, I just started Blacksmithing a little while ago and I'm low on money so it'll take a little while to get it leveled.

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    Personal Armory lookups and evaluations belong in the HALP! forum.

    Moved. We also have stickies that detail rotations which are 90% of the low dps problems of classes.

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