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Thread: Ret Pally dps and gems

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    Ret Pally dps and gems

    Hey I got some questions on ret

    1st what would be best way to go for gems on my pally should I try to get socket bonus or just stack the straight up strength it looks like I'll loose strength if I try for bonus.

    2nd whats normal dps on ret pally I know with seal of command we can aoe pretty good but single target wise what should our dps be at on a target dummy with self buffs I only do about 4k I got no clue if I'm doing fine or got probelms with dps.

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    An armory link would be helpful in this situation, not that I can help you but somebody who could most likely could use it.
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    Personal Armory lookups and evaluations belong in the HALP! forum.


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