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Thread: Some questions about DKP based loot distribution

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    Some questions about DKP based loot distribution

    I'm creating a new raiding guild and I've chosen to use DKP to distribute loot. I was just wondering how the actual loot distribution happens in raids.

    1. Loot drops.
    2. Bids open.
    3. Highest bidder gets loot.

    I understand that much. However...

    Question 1: are the bids public or by whisper?

    Question 2: if the bids are private (i.e. whispered) are the other players given the opportunity to outbid other players? i.e. "Highest bid is 100 DKP, is anyone willing to raise that?"

    Question 3: how would you recommend starting the whole thing off? Awarding people a flat sum of DKP to start off before even setting foot in a raid? Or using /roll for the first raid and DKP after that?

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    DKPSystem.com - Planning your Loot System
    Read this and the other sections linked on the left hand of the site.
    More then enough info to help you decide what way you want to go.

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    personally i like the ep/gp system...


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    There is a more appropriate forum for this i believe, but for what it's worth we use a dkp system that is simple and public.

    1. Get dkp for a boss kill
    2. Bid (in raid chat)

    It's got as many issues as a private (whisper-bid) system, but I think there is something to be said about public bidding. For one, we all know who is going to bid on the tanking belt, caster dps cape, or 2h axe, we just don't know who bid what. Having open bids prevents any consipiracy theories since players are always free to go check their dkp on our website.

    That being said, bid wars do happen, and it sometimes encourages low-ball bidding/coercive bidding, but as i said: it has issues like any other system. Find what is most easily implimented for your guild and be aware of how it can be abused. As long as you're aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the loot system, you'll be prepared to deal with any problems that come out of it, and perhaps have an idea of how to modify it if you feel that is necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtime View Post
    Question 3: how would you recommend starting the whole thing off? Awarding people a flat sum of DKP to start off before even setting foot in a raid? Or using /roll for the first raid and DKP after that?
    Your system is always going to need a method to break ties in the event that two people are matched as far as the loot system says. What if in several months in two people have the same DKP and both bid their max? Whatever method you use to break that (typically /roll) is what you use for the first drop of a new system (or after a loot system reset if that's your style for content patches).

    As others have mentioned, EP/GP is a good system. I've done several posts on the various loot systems, about EP/GP in particular, and about managing your loot standings when major content patches come out that you might find useful:

    On Loot Systems Cold Comfort Cold Comfort

    The EP/GP Loot System Cold Comfort

    Managing Your Loot Standings Cold Comfort Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort: Rational Cynicism in the World of Warcraft

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    If you're going for DKP;

    * Open bids (raid chat)
    * Roll if equal
    * Make sure to update in time (not 2 min before a raid)
    * Make priority rules and stick to em (e.g. mp5 is healer prio, hit is for casters, MS>OS>alt>altOS, ...)
    * Award wipe nights & other special events(e.g. first kills).
    * Besides bonuses, determine if you want to award DKP per raid or per boss.

    About all the info I can give you in a short post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ion
    Damn old people, screwin' with my grind.
    Mists of Pandaria Protection Warrior Spreadsheet
    Warlords of Draenor One Minute Field Guides

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