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Thread: Arms pvp, survival spec?

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    Arms pvp, survival spec?

    i started pvping as arms and tried a few specs seeing a lot of good coming from everyones beloved 54/17 arms fury. but i always thought that even with a healer the survival by yourself seems to be zero. so i thought hey last stand+enraged regen is super win, a lot of geared pvpers in arms have about 30k, what if i went prot instead of fury to get last stand?

    i came up with this:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    and im not a genius so i was just wanting some input from other people on how they think this will work :O, my reason for having shield specialization is because in pvp many warriors will go sword n board against casters or near death. i thouhgt a little free rage would be ok :P

    Thoughts plz <3

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    no weapon mastery so you'd have you to a weapon chain on your weapon, which is going to knock your dmg down.

    no second wind? no blood craze? these are the talents that give arms their survivability. granted its not as good as having a healer, but they help if your healer gets cc'd and your on your own for 10 seconds.

    no piercing howl? its awesome to slow down an entire arena team with a global, and against rogues/ferals that always seem to dodge hamstrings you can still get them.

    only 2/3 attt? thats basically free attack power that you are saying no to.

    57/14/0 (The World of Warcraft Armory) is the all-around most used arms spec to pvp with.

    |Ex Tank|


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