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Thread: a debate amongst me and some guildies

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    a debate amongst me and some guildies

    Hi, I'm Perice from Balnazzar and I'm currently working on a pally tank (well off speced tank) and i just received both Lucky Old Sun and Falric's Wrist-Chopper (sorry but I'm not completely sure how to link). i was asking around in my guild and I was told to take the Wrist-Chopper.

    I was thinking about it and is 31 SBR worth the 26 dodge and 3 parry I'd get from Lucky Old Sun? I trust my friends but I also want outside opinions because maybe they are incorrect and that would just make me the better tank.

    Thanks in advance

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    Take Falric's because of the stam.
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    You're right in being sceptical to SBR, but Falric's has higher weapon damage and higher stam.
    I'd use it until I could replace it with the otherwise easily obtained tanking weapons from Pit of Saron's last boss or Onyxia.

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