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Thread: The Quick Slide from 75 to 80...Gear Advice?

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    The Quick Slide from 75 to 80...Gear Advice?

    Little Miss Snot Face hit 75 last night. Spent the weekend working on rep and leveling Engineering (want some goggles I do!).

    As I make the quick slide into 80, the question of gearing her is weighing on my mind. Where do I focus? Badge accumulation? Crafted gear? Specific quest drops? A little of all? Or do I just plow my way through the next five levels and wait till I hit level cap, like I did the last two times?

    The problem is, I am currently undergeared and I am still working on getting a handle on all my spells and their rotations. Switched to Prot right before heading to Outlands so I spent more time as Ret then I have as Prot.

    I just looked her up on WoW Heroes and it says I am geared enough to do AN and Old Kingdom. I guess that's possible, haven't tried them. Maybe they would be easy enough that I can run them a bunch to get badges and the experience? I was thinking I was going to have to run Nexus over and over again...which honestly would be fine...but this surprised me I guess.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for the advice.


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    Run reg's a whole lot. Get the craftable epics, then move into heroics. If you have some friends (or guildies) that can carry you through totc 5/5H, and the ICC dungeons, do it. You can get geared relatively quickly through running the new dungeons and farming those badges.
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    And now, you can farm badges BEFORE you hit 80!

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