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Thread: Weapon choices...

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    Weapon choices...

    I was lucky enough to aquire a battered hilt recently but I am having a tough time deciding whether I should get the sword or wait for the Axe from ICC 10. Keep in mind I am An Orc so the axe would provide extra expertise.

    I should also add that I do not currently raid ICC10 unless I join a pug.
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    Ive found myself trying to get rid of expertise. I had almost hit the hard cap coming out of togc. With the additional hit from the Ashen Verdict ring (as well as a few other upgrades i've yet to snag) i'll also be decent for hit rating aswell.

    So assuming hit and expertise are relatively balanced in a mix-match of togc and icc gear the weapon you pick up won't matter much. I'd love to get my hands on Brynn Toll (yum, more self-healing), but the 10man icc axe is also nice.

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