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Thread: Hodir versus PVP Shoulder Enchant - Progression Raiding

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    Hodir versus PVP Shoulder Enchant - Progression Raiding

    Tanking/Warrior question...

    Obviously for a newer tank the Hodir enchant is superior, if only to make maintaining the soft cap for defense that much simpler. Not to mention Bears, for whom the stam multiplier, and the limited value of +Def make the PVP enchant the clear choice. However in the context of a progression tank, working through ICC, I'm thinking we've reached the point where the 20 Def rating has become superfluous.

    Basically, I was looking at my numbers and am usually at 570 DEF ( or even higher depending on whether I choose to wear the Ony trinket or not.), looking at the shoulder enchant, and thinking to myself that the 30 STAM plus talent bonuses and buffs are more valuable at this point. I've already gone ahead and made the switch to see how it works for a week or so - But will reconsider should reasoned logic to the contrary.

    Thoughts? Ridicule?

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    i've always used the stam chant, since its really the all around chant to use. dodge/def rating doesnt do anything against magic dmg fights. since prot is my offspec i usually just have one set of tank shoulders, but i'd go eh on one set and avoidance on another if i had more than one pair of shoulders at a time.

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    Actually the pvp enchant is better for new tanks if you are talking about getting uncrittable because of the 15 resilience. I like the pvp enchant since in the majority of encounters bosses favor EH especially if the boss has a great bit of unavoidable damage and the Hodir enchant is useless.

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    like krc, stam czar says PvP enchant!
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    After diminishing returns, the amount of dodge you get from the Hodir shoulders is almost negligible. If you only have one tanking set, it should have the pvp enchant.

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