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Thread: Multiple Targets / AoE - tanking for warriors

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    Multiple Targets / AoE - tanking for warriors

    Hello guys, not sure if this belongs here. I could not find a similiar thread through the search-option so i ll make a thread here.

    Can anyone help me out with Multiple Targets / AoE - tanking for warriors?

    I need info on the right rotation for it / the right spec and the right glyphs for it.

    Currently for rotation I use thunderclaps, cleaves, devastates and shockwaves. But I just seem to lose agro quick - especially in Halls of Reflection, thats just an nightmare to tank for the moment

    Thanks for your time

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    On most pulls I'll go something like this:

    Thunder Clap
    Shockwave(after moving/turning to make sure the mobs are all lined up properly)
    Shield Block after the Shockwave stun wears off(extra dmg from Damage Shield)

    After that I pretty much just spam tab and Cleave while Shield Slamming, Revenging, and Devastating mobs where my threat lead isn't as high.

    HoR is tough because the mobs are so spread out that it's harder to really get into that kind of a rotation. What I do is Heroic Throw the Priest, Thunder Clap the melee guys, and Charge the Hunter while putting Spell Reflect up to get some aggro on the Mage. You won't really be aoe-ing here, I usually have DPS single target focus firing in this instance.

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    Also something to learn is when NOT to thunderclap/shockwave.

    On gauntlet-type encounters, for example, you may want to just give the first mobs a hit or two, then when you encounter the next couple mobs burn your shockwave etc.

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    The advice others have posted here is great. AoE tanking is all about the Thunderclap/Cleave spam and tab targeting.

    While in HoR, LoSing using the corners makes the instance amazingly easy, you just need DPS that will actually give you a few seconds to gather everything on you otherwise trying to LoS will become more disastrous then just standing in the middle of the room (you will need to use Cleave/Thunderclap to pick up the stray mob here or there when bringing them back to a corner). The only difficulty is in making sure you have aggro on ranged mobs before LoSing, though, I found after practice this can be done well enough with Taunt/Heroic Throw. All in all, if you're given a few seconds to set up each pull with LoS and attain aggro, the instance becomes very easy.

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    #1 tip for HoR, focus fire. It's not an AOE fest even thought that's what your dps will try to do. Mark a focus fire target with a skull. My kill order is Mercenaries (very dangerous because they stun), priests, mages, rifleman, and footman last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agmar View Post
    Also something to learn is when NOT to thunderclap/shockwave.
    This is terribly important and hard to teach because it requires a lot of judgments on the fly depending on the situation.

    Aside from Cleave your two best active AoE control tools, Tclap and Shockwave, both have a CD, and Shockwave has the added directionaly element. To make best use of them it sometimes involves holding off a moment.

    You want to make sure your Tclap hits everything, and you want to make sure your Shockwave hits things at just the right time. For the latter, I'm a big fan of holding it until I can roughly collect everything, then give a quick jump, spin, and fire to pin stuff in place. That will freeze it for the moment so you can set up in the right position to tank them and have the stack up on one side of you.

    There are two other elements that are very useful in how I put down my Warrior AoE. First is target switching. If you don't already I highly recommend using non-stacking overhead health bars. Using these you can get used to reading the threat put on the targets so you can make quick switches to use single target threat to support pieces that may come loose without attention. You can read this with "threat glows" but you can also read it just by seeing what takes more damage than the others. That target usually will be getting a little extra threat from someone single targeting or a melee dps auto-swinging on that target while using their AoE skills. Swap targets smartly through the pull and you can keep things locked down. The Warrior, in my experience, has more tools than any other tank for keeping things locked down even if you can't keep perfect threat on them. Don't forget you have Concussive Blow as well if something breaks loose and your taunt is mid-cooldown.

    The second aspect is playing Shield Block smartly. The ability will boost your reflective damage from Damage Shields for a short while, but so long as everything is hitting you that is a nice little edge on your AoE threat. I haven't confirmed this, but I am fairly certain that the extra rage you will generate with Shield Block up (via Shield Spec) will also generate threat on all targets.

    Honestly, I still like to run with glyphed Cleave to make it hit more targets. In raids it may be less helpful, so it might be worthwhile to keep a stack of Cleave and whichever you like to sub it for when you're going to 5's, so you can swap it for each situation. That assumes you can do so at a reasonable price though.
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    I just usually devastate the hell out of everything. Glyphed devastate is your second highest threat ability right now, so switching targets and devastating will generate heaps of threat. Aside from that, what was said above is solid advice. Keep in mind if you aren't in melee range of a target, you aren't out-threating your healer. Heroic throw is great for ranged casters to bring them into your threat range. A nice combo of shockwave, battle charge, devastate (or shield slam), intervene (back) is great to get threat on those pesky hunters in HoR without moving the mobs too much as well. In all reality: AoE threat = not being lazy. You have to change targets constantly and utilize every tool you have to manipulate mobs into position for high threat abilities... all without letting them beat on your behind. It's tough, but can be done.
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    AoE tanking is the hardest thing to do when you dont know how, but once you get the basics it's pretty easy. It's not easy though if there are silly DPS that dont wait and go all out, die, and blame you. Dont pay attention to them.

    I dont use a certian spec/gear/glyphs for AoE tanking. There are glyphs however, Glyph of cleave/Sunder/Shockwave ect. I wouldn't use them unless you dont do raids

    To AoE tank and do it good you have to practice and make mental notes/pay alot of attention. I will try my best to help you but tbh to AoE tank you need to learn it first hand, I will do more than just say "CLEAVE/SHOCKWAVE/TC AND WIN"

    First and prolly the easiest thing you could do and most tanks look past it is to mark a skull and sometimes an "X", You might not think that it will do that much but it does, i was DPSing HoR on my lock we kept wiping, I marked a skull and X we cleared it with no deaths. I know there will still be those people that just spam AoE but it's better to mark a skull cause more people will focus more on him that way to can SS and get some aggro on him and then AoE the rest.

    Second is getting the rotation, what i do is: Charge in if i can (you won't always have the chance to) Then Thunderclap (It's a 6 sec CD, the sooner you get it on CD the more you can use it, so that means more DMG/Threat), The back up (Make sure that all the mobs are in front of you) Shockwave, The i use Shield block,This point IF you have rage Cleave and Do a SS (For the threat and buff from glyph), Revenge if you can, if you can't do Dev and Thunder Clap again, Then SS>Revenge>Dev in that order different mobs (You can tab if you want) And use Thunder Clap/Shockwave on EVERY CD. Don't Cleave if you cant spare the rage.

    Third and the hardest imo is making mental notes on which mob you hit, Always try to remember when mob you hit and which one you play on hitting if you can do that it will make AoE tanking cake, cause then just SS/Revenge/Dev the mob that needs it.

    Sorry it was so long and hope it helps.

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