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Thread: What dungeon/raid do you want back for Cataclysm?

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    Definitely BRD.

    BRD is EPIC feeling. Every instance in WotLK feels like I'm running to the store for Milk in comparison.

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    BRD and Black Rock Spire (as one instance) are my favorite instances, massive cities full of inhabitants and guards, treasures, and secrets...

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    gotta go with everyone and say BRD provided we can get a MAP for the blasted thing!

    I'd also say bring us some new dungeons...not for 80s and 85s, but for lower levels. We have enough to keep us happy for the most part but still. Those of us who have alts have seen everything before.

    yeah, Kara would be nice to be viable again. I'd also be interested to see ZG get revamped. From the encounters I've done it would be quite the place to re-visit. Also I'd have to say that Scarlet Monastary might be cool, but maybe in addition to a heroic/revamp, we're given a new wing or something to do with the Onslaught. somehow no matter how much damage the Onslaught/crusade takes, they always bounce back. What's their secret? why do they keep returning? I know they're fun to torture but still...
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