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Thread: Need to know what to improve

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    Need to know what to improve

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    Expertise for one

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    Put an exp/stam gem in the legs.

    The Ony talisman is good if you need resistances for a certain fight, kinda iff otherwise. Get your Triumphs together and get Glyph of Indotimability. In addition, replace EoG with The Black Heart from HTOC. It's essentially the same trinket, but better.

    HHoR drops a better shield, though good luck with the drop rate. Mine took 13 tries. Or you could do TOC10 for the shield there. And for bracers, Saronite Swwordbreakers are crafted and easy to come by.

    Lastly save up your frosts..the belt or the cloak should be your first purchase. And get a new enchant on the shoulders...the pvp one gives 30 stam is only requires a small amount of honor. And you can drop the defense enchant on your clear and replace it with armor or agility (pref armor).

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