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Thread: Warrior tank Avoidance

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    Warrior tank Avoidance

    Alright lets be serious a warrior cannot mitigate as much as a decent paladin of the same gear so ive been focusing as much as I can on avoidance.
    This involves Defense gems instead of stam among other things.
    My health has not been a problem in ICC and i always have 2 stam trinkets I can switch in which would give me around 3.5k life extra so its not that big of a problem its just Is geming defense the best way for avoidance or gemming dodge rating/agi. My dodge % that i get from dodge rating is mostly maxed out in terms of diminishing returns it takes a full almost 150 dodge rating for 1 % of dodge.
    Any feedback appreciated
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    ps. yeah i know my expertise is low but threat is fine atm.

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    Do not focus on avoidance, try and name one boss other than Saurfang where avoidance is favored compared to EH. Here is a rough list of bosses that have been killing tanks in current content:

    Algalon: Bursts down a tank so quick that if you stack avoidance you will get insta-gimped.

    Gormok: Kills the tank with a melee, Impale, Bleed combo, Impale and the Impale and the Bleed are unavoidable so the only thing that you can prevent from hitting you is the melee so if you don't have enough EH to survive the combo when that melee hits which it will eventually you will die.

    Marrowgar: You die from getting hit 3 times in a row without heals for what every reason. If you stack avoidance here you rely on RNG too much and when that 3 hits happen which it will eventually you will die so you might as well give your healers a bigger buffer.

    Enchant all of your gear with EH and gem all 30 stamina unless the socket bonus is 9 stamina or higher.

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    With raid buffs, You should already be pushing 60% avoidance just from your gear if you're attempting Icecrown 19 man with the appropriate gear, that is, gear from the last tier of raiding, even more if your guild did hard modes and/or 25 man raiding in ToC. Even factoring in chill of the throne I can't imagine a situation where gemming any kind of avoidance will help you more than EH will. In fact, running my own gear through Rawr, for bosses that parry gib, EXPERTISE is more valuable than dodge. I'm not sure thats necessarily correct, but bottom line is Health and Armor will almost ALWAYS increase your survivability more than avoidance.

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    On Maintankadin there was a thread about the value of expertise I'm not sure about the value for warriors but it turns out that for paladins 1 point of expertise is worth about .81 of 1 dodge rating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iswattl View Post
    Alright lets be serious a warrior cannot mitigate as much as a decent paladin of the same gear
    Let's be serious. You're wrong.

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    krc you should have way more posts than 333 because your posts are so good they should count double.

    Listen to krc, he's smart peoples. You also might check the guide in my signature and the subsequent posts that I link to for more in depth explanations on why to stack stam instead of avoidance.
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