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Thread: Druid Questions

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    Druid Questions

    Hello guys, I got some questions to my fellow tank druids.
    first my armory link:
    My guild is not 100% hardcore. I have access to gear from ToC 10 normal and hm farm, toc25 (only few trys on HM, never pass the 2nd boss), icc 10 and icc 25 farm.
    1.- I know I should get the stam trinket from toc 25 (that never drops) and also the valks ring from 10 HM. But do you see any other upgrade necesary for me?
    2.- ATM i got 120 emblems of frost, should I start shoping 2 parts tier 10?(gloves and shoulders) and go 2 t9+2t10?
    3.- Is my geming ok?
    4.- recently my raid leader ask me to switch to doble feral specs dps and tank. should be better to re-gem some parts of my gear, or just buy new parts and gem them the right way? in case of re-geming wich parts should I re-gem?
    Thanks for all the help and hard work
    happy new year

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    it looks like you already know what you are doing.

    you need 4pc t10 so do not buy anything other than set pieces with your frost badges.

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