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Thread: Arms Warrior looking to improve DPS for raiding

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    Arms Warrior looking to improve DPS for raiding

    Howdy folks - first of all I really appreciate the opportunity to post this question to the forums here. Everyone seems really helpful, but I just seem to be stuck on some low low numbers and would like to figure out how to properly play my toon

    Here's the link to my armory page

    Been in a mostly non-raiding guild and haven't had a lot of opportunity to REALLY run anything post-Naxx (barring a few brief pug attempts at Ulduar, ToTC, and yes, even some ICC). It's hard for me to accurately gauge my DPS, but in the ICC25 man rep run I tagged along for, I was hitting for around 4.4k. I've seen early bursts of up into the 5-5.5k range, but that never sticks, and I find myself hitting just above 3k in dungeons. (These numbers are from before I added two +20 ArP gems to my gear, the Berserking enchant instead of +110 AP, and the Crimson Star - all added this evening).

    I've been looking at a lot of the theory crafting sites, and today went and re-specced to play around with my talents and rotation. I've been trying to stay marginally competitive by running as many heroics as I can, and grabbing all the Triumph/Frost badges available to me. But I really want to see all the end-game content, so it's time to get serious up in here.

    I would love any and all advice you leet arms warriors can pass along. I think I'll be saving my frost badges for my T10 chest piece (I'm just shy of 60 now). I think I am pretty low on ArP, but the spec still confuses me just a bit, and I'm not 100% sure what my target rating should be. As I mentioned earlier, I replaced a few of my gems, and will be munching on Hearty Rhino until I can get ArP to the right level.

    Am I hitting the right kind of numbers for where my gear is now? I know there are some weak spots in my gear right now (my shoes for one, but a good upgrade has been difficult for me to find, haven't been able to grab the Plated Greaves of Providence yet in HTOC, but I think they're the easiest thing I might be able to find). And my cloak really needs updating. Do you think I should use my frost emblems on Might of the Ocean Serpent? Or would the Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape work better?

    And I'm working on my rotation, as I mentioned. I'm going to be implementing add-ons to alert me when Rend falls off so I can hit it right after it expires.

    My rotation HAS been (usually):
    Bloodrage (when I'm at zero rage and starting out a fight)-->
    Battle Shout (for when no pally buff), or Commanding Shout
    Charge -->
    Rend -->
    MS (or Demoralizing Shout then Sweeping Strikes if it's a 2+ mob) -->
    Sunder Armor x5 or however many it takes to get to a stack of 5 (in case no one else is stacking it) -->
    Bladestorm (or I wait until my Greatness card procs to use it) -->

    ... er, then I typically spam Rend and/or MS like a crazy person until Execute or Overpower light up or Bladestorm becomes available again. I hadn't used Slam very much until recently because I was confused about when to use it (I think a previous guildie's advice confused me and scared me into not using it for fear of being rage-sapped), and I had totally forgotten about Heroic Strike. I've tried to implement hitting Slam and then queuing up HS immediately after instead of going back and spamming Rend when my rage meter looks high.

    I'm going to install an add-on that tells me when certain buffs are procced or ended. I think that will really help me out with my over-spamming Rend to no particular end. Sometimes it's just the only thing that seems to make SENSE that's lit up as available. *shrug* Maybe it's a rage generation thing, but the generally-accepted "core" talent build I just specced to had me lose Anger Management (Generates 1 rage per 3 secs), so now I'm worried that that might be a bigger problem?

    I know this has been extraordinarily long-winded, and I apologize, but I wanted to give you an idea of what my experience has been, so you can (hopefully), kick my butt into shape! Again, any advice to help me improve my dps would be appreciated. I understand the basic mechanics of threat, getting out of the green, etc., but I think there are some improvements I cna make that just don't seem obvious to me just yet.

    Thanks again.

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    dont gem for crit. switch your meta to the relentless earthsiege (21 agi/3% crit dmg) and use a nightmare tear in a blue socket that will give you a str bonus. you should re-gem for arp until you get to 52% so you can be soft capped with your trinket proc. dont gem for expertise, its not that important to cap it as arms. move overpower to the top of the priority list if you are below expertise cap, you dont want a tfb proc to overwrite a dodge procced overpower. everytime you have an empty gcd (rend on target, ms on cd, no sd or tfb procs) you should slam. arms is all about using every gcd, and if you have holes your dps wont be the best you can get out of you gear. get the agi cloak and not the str one for frost badges and pick up the t9 chest with triumphs imo.

    |Ex Tank|


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    You mentioned you "spam rend". Rend is a dot (damage over time) that ticks for 20 seconds (glyphed). So you only want to put it up once and then let it tick out, and refresh once it's fallen off.

    So put up Rend as your first move. After that you want to hit Mortal Strike every time it's up, Execute when your Sudden Death talent procs, Overpower when Hunger For Blood procs and Slam when all of these are on cooldown. Try not to miss any of these procs and use them ASAP. Heroic Strike is an on-next-swing ability so you can que it up between your other moves if you have the rage (at least 50).

    You can use a mod like PowerAuras or SatrinaBuffFrames to indicate when these talents proc to give you a visual cue.

    As for Armor Penetration, you have the Needle Encrusted Scopion trinket which is 48% ArP when it procs every 45 seconds or so. To get the most benefit from the trinket, you should gear, and gem until you have 52% passive ArP and when your trinket procs you hit 100% ArP and good times ensue. Keep in mind you get 10% ArP from being in Battle Stance and 6% ArP from your 2-piece T9 bonus, so you want another 36% ArP from gear and gems - you can check this number by hovering over your Hit Rating on your character sheet.

    For your other gems, use a single Nightmare tear to activate the Agi/Crit Rating meta gem. For all your other sockets, gem ArP until you have your 36%, and then gem Strength, or maybe Strength/Crit if you can get a nice Strength socket bonus (like 6 Strength or more).

    Your gear is nice, so you should hit pretty hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazlord View Post
    You mentioned you "spam rend". Rend is a dot (damage over time) that ticks for 20 seconds (glyphed).

    Heroic Strike is an on-next-swing ability so you can que it up between your other moves if you have the rage (at least 50).
    rend is 21 seconds glyphed.

    heroic strike for fury can afford to hit hs at 50 rage since their offhand can still generate rage. heroic strike for arms at 50 rage will rage starve you very quickly. with 3/3 imp hs at 50 rage, hs will take you down to 38 rage, now if you have ms coming off cd then thats 30 rage leaving only 8 rage. hope you didnt get a sudden death proc in that time frame because now you have to wait for your next white swing to have the rage to use it. i start queuing hs at 70 rage minimum just in case i get a proc sometime in there.

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