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Thread: Arms help!

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    Arms help!

    Ok so heres the dealio. My main spec is Prot, and my offspec is Arms. I rarely get to dps, but when I do I enjoy it. However, im having problems with my damage being low. Im lookin for some Arms knowledgable people that would be generous enough to take a look at my gear / spec and see if they can maybe point out what ive got going on.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Basically, I read a few Arms guides to figure out what I needed to be gemming / enchanting. I got my Hit cap through gear, so I had to gem for Expertise cap. It was also recommended that you be between 25-30% critical unbuffed, which I also had to gem for. My gear is basically peices thrown together from badge gear and stuff dps in the guild didnt need so it just got kicked down to me.

    Rotation: I keep Rend up (re-apply, not refresh), abuse MS, and never waste a TfB or SD proc. I rarely use HS as I read that it actually causes dps loss most of the time. If there are multiple targets, I keep up Sweeping Strikes when possible, and on big pulls I use Sweeping Strikes in unison with Bladestorm.

    I got the chance to do some dpsing in a quick ToC25 guild run that we did yesterday, and I was pulling about 3600 on Jaraxxus (embarrasing). Did 9300 on Twins but thats not saying much since we had mages doing 17k.

    Im looking for any advice I can get since a single tank boss is going to be dropping in the next wing, I could potentially be dpsing a bit on that fight and id like to contribute to the dps rather than just be the tank that gets to hit stuff with a big 2 hander.

    Any advice is greatly appreciate.

    Side note: I need to get my bracers and gloves gemmed, and the pvp ring has gotta go....im working on those.

    Another side note: Like I said, ive had very little time to play with Arms, so my gear / gemming / enchanting could potentially be a huge mess. Feel free to pick it all apart (just dont be too harsh )

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    1) you're over the hit cap, replace your neck to the badge one that gives you ArPen...
    2) cape, again, with triumph badges stacking up to quickly... there's no reason to have a ilvl 200 cloak and with haste... not needed for arms.
    3) expertise, you dont need that much or to cap it for that matter.
    4) NES procs of your crits, and iirc 48%... so you need 52% passive arpen... hence 36% passive from gear since 10% from Battle Stance, 6% from 2pc T9
    5) you got a pretty nice sword... i'd go axe tbh but that's me... anywhoo, why not enchant it with berzerker?

    that's just the quick rundown...

    and Happy New Year!!!
    monkey see... monkey do...

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    The only gems you should be using is

    10 stats

    dont use that meta use the agi/crit increase meta.

    you dont need to gem for expertise as arms.

    fallow the rotation and regem/enchant and it will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squats View Post
    The only gems you should be using is
    10 stats
    To my knowledge there is no gem that gives 10ArP/10Crit
    The only gems a DPS warrior should be using are:
    10 to all stats
    10str/10crit(only in yellow sockets, and only if that socket rewards a bonus of str,agi,crit,ap,arp) dont socket 10str/10crit into a yellow socket to get a haste bonus for arms.

    As for his expertise, he has just the right amount, and should stay there, dont go lower, expertise is one of the most crucial stats for melee dps.
    The Arms hitcap is 264, so at 328 you can easily remove your +hit pvp ring and equip a different ring without hit. The Dextrous Brightstone Ring for triumph badges is a very good ring.

    A few rules for warrior
    1. Never gem pure crit
    2. Use a Relentless Earthsiege(21agi/3%crit damage) and a nightmare tear
    3. Never use a Stat/stamina gem just not worth it.
    4. If an item has a blue socket regardless of the other sockets put +20str or +20arp depending on what you need in all of the sockets.
    5. If an item has a Yellow socket, or a Red and Yellow socket, gem the yellow socket with 10str/10crit as long as the socket bonus is Str,Agi,Crit,AP, or ArP.
    6. Berserking is the best weapon enchant to use.
    7. It doesnt cost alot so enchant all your gear, even if its a welfare enchant, a crap enchant is better than no enchant. Since your also a BS, it wont kill you to toss the extra sockets into your Gloves, and Bracers.

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    Sorry about posting in the wrong area. Thanks for all the responses though guys. I need to re-work my gems and get a few new peices it sounds like. Ive been meaning to get my bracers / gloves socketed also.

    Oh, and the reason I dont have Berserk is because the 85atk was lying around in my bank....been waiting to figure out what I need to fix and then I was gonna do it all at once (including Zerk).

    Thanks again for the help!

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