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Thread: How would a DK abuse Bryntroll

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    How would a DK abuse Bryntroll

    Title kinda says it all. Looking for a PvP spec to abuse the proc on Bryntroll. Just won it and had to run to work... gogo third shift work schedule.
    I think any weapon attack procs it, as well as a few disease applicators as long as you in melee from what research I have done. Blood caked blade, Necrosis, etc will these proc the effect as well?
    If so, is unholy the best spec to abuse this in? Or maybe head blood for increasing the effect of the random heals generated?

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    I'm almost positive, you just.... swing a lot and it abuses the badguy on it's own, but I'd imagine, unholy would be a good way to abuse it with the increased 14% spell damage no?

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    I don't think it's worth it to spec around a weapon proc. I'd suggest just going the normal spec (0/17/54, 3/17/51, 0/19/52). Maybe check out these threads:

    I looted my skill - Arena Junkies Forums

    [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter] + Blood - Arena Junkies Forums

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