Ok so i would like just a quick overview of my gear/spec ect just to make sure im not overlooking anything or blatantly missing anything important. Also advice of what to do if i am screwing up would be greatly appreciated.

The World of Warcraft Armory

I know that i need new trinkets really badly, i am trying to get fervor of the frostborn to replace my ony trinket and then maybe a stam trinket of some kind to be able to replace my black heart. I just dont want to take a 126 stam hit.... also trying to replace my shield into something non heroic based but anub doesn't want to cooperate.

Another thing, because of an exceptionally crappy internet connection im pretty much unable to do any 25 man raids as the disconnects are intolerable (did an experimental voa 25 and i DC'd about 4-5 times during koralon and about 6 times during emalon, which was more like during the entire fights of hit everything-DC-get back in-repeat)

Also is it just me or is the T-10 prot pally bonus kinda eh? it looks to me like it might be better just to get two pieces for the 2 set bonus and off set the rest of the pieces. If im right in that what might be the best 2 pieces to get for T-10?

thanks for any advice or help =]

PS: my threat is not a problem, easily generating 5k+ tps during 10 mans.