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Thread: Gearing up Dilemma

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    Gearing up Dilemma

    I am new to tanking in general. I have done my research and reached the uncrit 540 and I have a rotation for holding threat. I just started gearing my character this past Sunday by running normals and getting some craftables, but I am sort of whacked out on how to continue. I have just started to be allowed to queue for heroics, but I know better than to do the random daily heroic due to my gear.

    I did the selected queue for UK and some regular instances that had some things that could still help me and I got H UK. We made it through and although everyone said I was doing fine the healer got cranky since he actually had to work to keep me up.

    Afterwards I was very hesitant to try again and then I started talking to another DK tank. He told me that a good way to get around that would be to just do the Random Daily Heroic as DPS and ask to need for tank gear since usually no one needs it. The problem here is that I have NO dps gear so I headed into this with tank gear and just switched to Blood Presence.

    The first one I did like this no one cared and we just went through the instance having fun then on the second one I was literally ordered to switch gear sets and when I couldn't the guy demanded I leave and made such a big deal out of it that he left and since he was the healer and his friend was the tank the group basically fell apart after he left. Now I am afraid to step foot in any heroic period.

    Is the gear thing as a dps really that big or should I do something else?

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    people are picky about other peoples gear in pugs, as long as you get the job done I'd have no problem with it. What i can recommend is getting a healer friend of yours and queuing with him, since DPS has to wait 15 minutes to get into a group even after the 15m random debuff they usually will just shut up and enjoy the ride. I was used to 3.0 and rerolled a tank after 3.2, and peoples expectations had become unrealistic of a tank just gearing up. other than that all you can really do is try your best to get the best gear available, buy all the BoEs you can afford, gem as best you can and make sure everything is enchanted appropriatly. Make sure your using good use of your cooldowns too, they're just about all DKs have goin for em right now

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    As much as everyone cries that gear is simple to get, it's really not when you are a freshly minted Tank.

    I remember hitting 80 on my warrior, following the guides on here to get the gear i needed to be 540+, 15+/15+/10+ on avoidance, and stacking STA everywhere I can. It was enough to get me into heroics and not long after, into tanking naxx.

    Right now, I can't get into Heorics unless it's in DPS gear, so the queue times are horrible (I got 2 Heroics tonight in 2.5 hours).

    Luckily I had 24 badges saved up from doing randoms on the way from 70 to 80, and with the badges from the 2 heroics, was able to get T9 shoulders.

    Still, I am at 22.5K unbuffed, still about 10K short of what would be minimally acceptable in todays game.

    New tank toons are hard, this is my 3rd and the hardest one so far.

    I think I am just going to queue as a Tank, mark and tank to the best of my ability and just eat the group disconnects that happen. Even if I fail 4 groups in a row, still quicker than queueing as DPS.

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    My advice to you is simple:

    1. Gem everything exp/stam or straight exp until you get 26.

    2. Run regular 80 ToC and pick up the tanking drops. Item level 200 gear.

    3. If you have cash, or friends that can help, purchase the materials to make some tanking items like the Ulduar crafted belt, possibly the ToC crafted wrists, etc.

    4. This kinda goes into #2, but replace the dps gear you have with real tanking gear. More stam and defensive stats.

    5. Check the recommended tanking specs. There may be a couple points here and there you can tweak to your better liking or you may switch trees entirely.

    6. Enchant. Yo. Sh%$.

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    I recently leveled a DK and, like you, realized that queing as a tank made life simple. Here is what I did: I chose to head to reg TOC and get as many upgrades as possible, both tank and dps gear. I then focused on gemming and enchanting my new dps gear and start queing for random heroics as dps. On my server the que time as Dps is around 15 mins. I don't know about you guys but before this cross-server lfg function became available it would take at least 15 minutes to find a group.

    Next thing I would suggest is to take any upgrades you can and spend your emblems on your T9 tanking set.

    By the time I was done accumulating emblems and upgrades I had full T9( both dps and tank set) a ton of cash and a lot of confidence in my ability.

    The only downside is that this route requires some patience but I managed to take my DK from a new 80 to a toon that can both tank or dps equally well.

    Good luck to you mate!
    Chestypuller 80 DK|Mechanism 80 Warrior|Popejonpaul 80 Priest

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    Best advice I can give you: There's a lot of cranky elitist idiots playing WoW. Ignore em.

    Do you want to tank, or DPS? If you want to tank, and you're uncrittable and have 20k+ health, you're good for at least "starter" heroics, and probably TOC regular. Farm the bejesus out of these for upgrades and badges and your gear level will soar in no time.

    If some healer gives you crap and doesn't want you in his group, grab another. There will always be another group, and the demand for tanks is high.

    EDIT: One simple gear suggestion...get yourself a Titansteel Destroyer (2h crafted mace). The mats required are pretty cheap and it will be a massive upgrade. That will help a lot.

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