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Thread: Rawr Threat/Mitigation slider positions

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    Rawr Threat/Mitigation slider positions

    I just recently started using Rawr over the old standby EJ tanking spreadsheet, since the updates to that have been sort of iffy and I don't have Excel installed everywhere anymore. I like the tool quite a bit, but I'm having a hard time deciding just where to set my slider positions for threat and mitigation to get a realistic picture of relative item value for targeting upgrades.

    The default equal weighting is clearly not correct as it tends to recommend def/dodge gems and obviously undervalues stamina. Setting them to .5 each 'feels' right but I am wondering if there has been some more detailed work done, or if I should just throw out that scaling and use the TankPoints one, etc.

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    TankPoints ranking is not that great anymore, and I will be removing it from future versions so I wouldn't recommend it.

    Slider positions are always a bit personal, and depend a bit on your gear level. The defaults probably could be updated slightly based on newer gear levels, really, but basically it depends on what you're looking for.

    Mitigation Scale is often used by people with minimal weight to Mitigation in order to isolate the highest EH (Survival) items.

    When gearing or optimizing for survival time rather than EH, I would recommend using Burst Time rather than Mitigation Scale weighting.

    Typically the best results IMO will be from Optimizing for Burst Time while also setting a minimum HP criteria. You can also always do it the other way around and Optimize for Effective Health while setting a minimum Total Mitigation % criteria.

    There are tons of ways to approach gearing a tank, so pretty much have to select the methods that work best for you.
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