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Thread: Heroics Tanking spec (Paladin)

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    Heroics Tanking spec (Paladin)

    I've decided that since I'm so fail at healing and dps'ing as a paladin I would set up dual Tank specs. One for heroics and trash, and one for Raid's.

    The raid one would be based around mitigation and survivability and the heroics and trash would be built around multi-target threat and damage out put.

    Using my secondary spec, the more mobs I have, the more dmg output I have, up to (occasionally) 5k in heroics based around 4-5 mobs being tanked at a time.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Using Seal of command, glyph of hammer of righteousness, and my gear being customised for threat (note the high expertise and hit rating), I usually top the charts dps and dmg dealt wise in heroics.

    lemme know what you think, any improvements/suggestions are welcome.

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    It's quite hard to know where to start, but I'll do my best.

    You sort of have the right idea, but you're a bit mixed up in places. I'll try to address the points.

    • Stop taking Divinity. It's rubbish. It has no place in a MT build, never mind a heroics one.
    • I promise it's possible to run heroics without OOMing in a standard MT spec, you just need to be a little careful and think about mana use. Wasting points in 2/2 SA, never mind 5/5 benediction and the Glyph of SA to boot, is a serious mistake. As long as you're tanking 3-4 mobs that are meleeing you you shouldn't struggle for mana, and your gear should be good enough that you barely need healing to do it meaning you're increasing the mana you gain via healing from nothing to twice nothing. Just remember to keep Divine Plea up.
    • Redoubt is very strong coupled with SoComm and multiple mobs hitting you. Spec this.
    • You want one point in Judgements of the Just. This makes judgements proc seals too (more cleaving goodness)
    • Get Crusade. Skip vindication (nothing in a heroic can hurt you). Fill as many points in conviction as necessary to get crusade. Think about whether you want PoJ instead of two points in conviction (getting to next pack 15% faster is good)
    • You can lose the second point in imp might (you need a point in something to get to next tier if you lose benediction(, it's a party buff (you need sanct on yourself) and it's hardly make-or-break for heroics.
    • Get Redoubt. More damage to ShoR, and blocking is a huge part of your reducing damage taken in a heroic.
    A bunch of this stuff is hidden away (or not so hidden) on threads over at Maintankadin. I'd recommend browsing over there for a fuller picture.

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    personal evaluations belong in the HALP! forum, please read the rules.


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    o Tay i will throw in my 2 cents and i like halping peoples
    this is a spec that i use and it has carried me from ulduar 25 to ICC 25

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    i have points in reckoning because i use blade ward and i have it to force as many procs as possible.

    Your Glyphs are all right imo except the Rightous Defense one since you are around the 8% u shouldnt get many if any taunt resists everything else looks good to me except the gemming Expertise since you have the glyph of SoV gemming shouldnt be really that necessary you'd have 36 Expertise with SoV us so u can lose 10 expertise points and still be fine. that is my 2 cents
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