Yea I'm really starting to wonder about pvp prot gear. While its not the most popular spec for warrior pvp, its the direction I want to stay. Arms and Fury are nice, but I like harassment, survivability etc. I can already take down most squishies in pve tank gear with no resilience but from what I've read from various sources the best way to go with prot is spec gear a different manner.

If I get the item level 232 gladiator pieces for triumph badges, its a decent chunk of resilience but I lose like, almost all my defense rating...and it'll take forever to get anything better (is there even any better pvp gear other than the 232 glad set?)

I'm assuming for prot pvp gear, I'm going to have to go with regular gear and gem it up stat wise for dps? I've read around about gemming ARP or SBV, so I dunno. And I'm not sure of I should convert my stam gear and gems over to strength or not, yea its more damage but the entire point of me playing prot in pvp is the survivability.. My second spec is arms and its damage in dps gear is nice.. but he's practically just as squishy as a clothie, with hardly no damage mitigation I'm a glass cannon in plate since I'm not stacking stam.

I mean aside from ilvl 258 and 264+ (frost), I''m wearing the best triumph gear I can, and getting the best gems/enchants I can find. I've already got a great one hand axe for dps (Nighttime). And I dont mind grinding the 350 triumph for the ilvl 232 glad set if thats what I need but Im not sure.

Help and advice welcome, I prefer pvp so the less pve I have to do, the better