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Thread: Libram of the Eternal Tower for Saurfang

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    Libram of the Eternal Tower for Saurfang

    I am wondering how DR of the +219 dodge rating of the Libram of the Eternal Tower is calculated. Is it calculated like having already 30% dodge or like having 10% dodge ?
    And btw. sorry for my bad english :s
    I usually use the Libram of Defiance, has good procc but when tanking Saurfang I am struggeling sometimes using my hammer while the adds are spawning or are still in range which is not good at all.
    Has anybody tried that Libram already with Saurfang and checked the delta in dodge rating after 3rd stack?

    Thanks in advance


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    All dodge rating (and defense and agi gains on dodge as well) are calculated with DR first, and only then is the 20% deducted from your effective dodge chance.

    This means that the libram will give you as much % dodge in ICC as it would in Naxx.
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