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Thread: Leaving Dead Party Members Behind

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    Make a movie of that, post it, and be sure to show all gearscores. Will they all be 5400+ gearscore? Or will they all be guildies who've worked together in order to make it happen? Or will it be a grab-bag PUG?

    I want to see several consecutive sets of three-pack pulls using a random PUG of players done with no healer and the aux heals only using "occasional" procs, with no breaks. We'll need some definition on occasional and proc, say, only one heal proc per five seconds maximum and no no actual healing spells at all. Keep a dump of the combat log so we can make sure no actual healing spells were cast. The packs should all have three to four each, no pulling three singles and calling it a three-pack pull.

    Why not H-HoL, right after Ionar: pull the two golems, the two spear carriers, and hey, why not both packs of three dwarves at once (you can go for four packs since it's so easy!
    The guy is being a jerk, I agree, but lets not fool ourselves...most decently geared (Not even incredibly well geared) tanks can practically solo most of the old heroics. Actually some of them have been soloed by tanks. I know I've done some heroics with me and 4 DPS, just stopping to slap HoTs on myself between pulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavfin View Post
    TL;DR: If you're going to pull at blinding speed, you better be *that good*. I'm sure Darksend is, but there's a ton of tanks out there that aren't.
    I usually pull the first two packs at a slower pace and have a look on the dps/heal I got with me, put Vigilance on the guy that made the best impression (usually that's the guy with 4+k DPS in just two packs, most of them keep that up) and decide how fast I'm going to pull during the rest of the instance. If it's a real good group I just tell them I'll try and not get OOC during the whole run, so we're out of there quicker, and most people are (very) fine with this. It smoothens the whole run if you communicate your "playstyle" right at the beginning, anyway.

    There are, sadly, other kinds of groups you can get into. Freshly dinged 80s, stupid (as in bad=low) DPS and healers that don't reaaaally understand what their skills are for just make tanking much more tedious.
    I honestly don't have that many problems with stupid over-the-top DPS pulling aggro - and even if they do, a DPS that can pull mobs off of me can most likely also kill them before they do any bad.

    As for soloing heroics; That's true, too. I had a healer DC every time he logged in in CoT4 once, got to the third boss without a healer, just using cooldowns, enraged regen, bandages every time possible. We even managed to finish the timed event with 4 minutes left on the counter. It's just that easy with 226+ equipped players (that know what they're doing).

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    Fact: 10 seconds is not a long time.

    True Knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.
    Agg's tanking guide

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    Wait, you mean you can rez people in this game? So I don't have to reroll every time I die?

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    I inadvertantly did this very thing the other day. I was in a PUG tanking H UK, and expecting it to be a nice easy pleasant run. Instead I had a DPS that seemed like he was intentionally trying to cause me trouble, contantly criticising and making demands. I got so frustrated focusing on dealing with him that I started to screw things up. I got tunnel vision trying to stay one step ahead to prevent him pulling off me, and so when we got the the first boss I didn't notice until it was too late that all my ranged (including the healer) were at max range from me and the boss and the spawned skeletons were heading toward them. An intervene and TC took care of them, and the boss went down, and I moved on into the next room, only to notice after I'd gathered all the mobs up that my healer had dropped from those same skeletons. It was entirely my fault, and I felt guilty, but the simple fact is that my attention was so focused on dealing with this one difficult dps that very basic things slipped my mind. Like everyone else that's been tanking for a while, it no longer occured to me that there was anything the least bit hard about H UK, but sure enough as soon as I got distracted the whole thing started falling apart, especially because part of my reaction was to chain pull faster.

    Well, long story short I wished them good luck with their next tank, put the dps on ignore, and bowed out, and went on to a nice smooth H FoS run that was marred only by me kicking myself over how I should have handled things differently.

    The point of my story is that people have bad runs and make mistakes. A tank can very easily get into a rut from running with a tight-nit regular team or good team players, and start running on auto-pilot. When aggro and pulls are going smoothly, it's second nature to keep an eye on everyone's health and mana, because that's really all he has to worry about. All's well and good until something upsets the balance and instead of going back to basics and dealing with the real problem(s), suddenly he starts overcompensating in the wrong direction. It had been so long since I came even close to not having aggro on everything in H UK, and even the first two pulls were so different from my expectations, that my brain seemingly couldn't process how to deal with what was going on.

    From the healer's point of view, it must have seemed like I was some chain-pulling madman, completely indifferent to his circumstance, but the cause wasn't arrogance but despiration. I had literally NEVER run into a dps that caused me that much trouble, and instead of taking a moment to analyze and make the appropriate response, I reacted the exact wrong way. It had nothing at all to do with the healer, but he was the ultimate victim of the situation.
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    Lately I've been playing my healer more than my tank and I've noticed a lot of tanks that just seem ... inattentive. Nice enough, and competent, but not really paying attention. I admit after the 3rd random I feel that way myself when I'm tanking. It's much more tiring than healing, especially with the way a lot of the dps are.


    Funny story. I was healing on my shaman and got old kingdom, and I die right at the end of the bug boss from adds (no anhk up). The tank and dps all run off down the stairs and start pulling. I did say in party, "hey you want to rez the healer before continuing?" and they were, like, "oops!" and came back. But in retrospect it would have been much more entertaining to see how far they got before noticing. There was a paladin, so maybe I could have sat there peacefully for a while...

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    It's that little 15 minute timer that pops up when you enter a random heroic. Everyone wants to play beat the clock and try to finish the instance before that timer expires.

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    I hate to say this but as a tank my Hgameplay has changed instead of 15-30min fun guild runs im pushed to sub 12min runs by dps complaining about que time. no offense but dk's kill me i'll be drinking for mana and boom he goes frost and pulls running back to me. i've started bubbling to prove points. my pull or bounce. maybe its arrogant, ignorant, or just a word i won't use here but im not like this normally its just the rude dps. pushing the issue and i feel if im not right there i'll get ridden into the ground.

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    Lets not have these kinds of threads floating around, they are only here to incite arguments and generally bad demeanor. This probably belonged more in a blog then as a thread.

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