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Thread: Dusting off the Dk..

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    Dusting off the Dk..

    Well I have thought after a while that I would dust off my 25 man Naxx geared DK. Currently my main is a Prot War that MTs most of my guilds functions. My dk was mainly leveled and geared so I could learn how dk tanks worked since at the time I was the tank role lead and I wanted to know if the dk's that showed interest were doing it right. Now I am at a point where we need some extra tanks to fill out some more icc 10 man groups.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I know that there are no talents, was going to spec back in to blood last night but got called to a pug 25 icc and didnt have time. The main reason for my post is to get an idea what out of the new 5 man instances would be good stepping stone upgrades while I grind out triumphs for T9. I plan to get either the Tyranical Beheader or Sword of Mourning out of reg HoR. Wrists the crafted Saronite Swordbreakers, and belt the Uldar crafted. Any additional for the other slots while i get started on my some 300-400 triumphs needed for t9 and other vendor slots would be appreciated.

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    i think you could tank the first two on heroic with a good healer and all three on reg mode, you aren't as bad off as you think you are. Don't forget about the blackheart from reg toc and have fun getting you're perky pug while getting the badges you need.

    I'd grab the 245 offset shoulders or helm first personally.

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    Going from nax gear I would say the low lying fruit is:

    Black Heart - (as mentioned above): super nice, TOC5man

    Frostforged Helm - Slightly better than t9 for EH if you get the 25man version (onyxia drop)

    T9 pieces with hit should be emphasized if you're aiming to get that with badges. Hit is somewhat hard to come by in t9 level gear for dk's. The items are riddled with expertise, so you don't have to worry about that much.

    Weapons.. well, they are everywhere now. New 5mans have a few good ones, ofcourse the Quel'Delar is decent, as are a great deal of 10man drops.

    Other than that, just run heroics, run the easier 10mans (make sure to do the daily and weekly frost badge quests so you can pile on the gravy items soon) and fill in the gaps with badge gear.

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