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Thread: 3/3 Deep Wounds VS 3/3 Focus Rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by uglybbtoo View Post
    You can easily out threat a paladin on aoe tanking STOP CLEAVING tab through the targets and hit the bloody things with your high threat attacks. The pally only consecrate locking them and on 3 targets he is hitting with hammer but thats all easy to out threat.
    You can't seriously think that it's effective to tab randomly through 7-8 mobs on a pull and use single target abilities on them? So...in 12 seconds, I'll use 1 single-target ability on each mob, roughly only 3 of which will be Shield Slams and the rest will be forced to be Devastates due to cooldown.

    Cleave on 2 additional targets does roughly the same additional threat per execute as a Shield Slam, so why one would 'stop cleaving' is a bit beyond me. That has nothing to do with Cleaving whatsoever, at any rate, considering Cleave is on next melee swing and doesn't stop one from using normal abilities.

    And, beside that, what exactly is stopping the Paladin from doing exactly the same thing? The fact is, over time Consecration is better TPS than Thunder Clap in almost every situation, and Holy Shield is notably higher TPS than Damage Shield due to its scaling, even if the charges are all being expended.

    Either way, on the topic itself, AoE threat is very rarely influenced by rage generation. If you are tanking many mobs you have tons of rage just by the nature of it.

    Also, I would note that Shield Specialization is realistically probably the most effective thing for AoE tanking when compared to Focused Rage, simply because the rotational needs of AoE tanking are not substantially different than normal (other than the slightly increased cost of Cleave vs. Heroic Strike) yet the number of Blocks/Avoidance per second is generally much higher.
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    I'm running with 3/3 DW, 5/5 Shield spec, 2/3 FR, 0/2 imp. revenge; glyphed devastate. I'm holding onto the t9 2pc as long as possible. Like Aggathon I'm using a BQS. Normally I'd go 4/5 SS and 3/3 FR, but I needed the 1% for anub adds awhile back and didn't bother to change it, as I doubt 1pt = 50g.

    Personally I consider FR better for most single target situations, and SS for multi-targets, SS' value rises as the number of targets attacking you rises, to a point of course (when you hit unlimited rage regardless of SS rage income). So for places like TOC, I'd use FR; for places heavy in trash, heroics, etc.. I lean towards SS. I'll spec as per the current tier raid zone.

    Until I replace my 2pc t9.25, I will have both, sacrificing imp. revenge in my rotation and spec.

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    You can't seriously think that it's effective to tab randomly through 7-8 mobs on a pull and use single target abilities on them?

    I don't do theory .. I only DO ... SS/DEV/REVENGE/HS are all I use.

    I was trying to think how long it takes me to grab 7 targets but to be honest I dont really know because it sort of remote control .. but not very long.

    I don't even have cleave on my toolbar and yet I often get complaints from pally's that I have all the mobs. When I use cleave I lose mobs all the time and even in heroics with only 5 mobs I find it painful dps always pull one or two if I use cleave.

    If a pally and I hit a pack of 7/8 at the same time generally he will have shield tossed and 3 targets I will charge and thunderclap then shockwave so he may still have his 3 targets he hit. If I am not thinking or trying to spread the pull by habbit his target plates will be red to me and I will select and whack them during that time if he used hammer he will generally hold those 3 if he consecrates to try and pick the mob up I will generally get at least 2 of his targets. It then becomes a straight threat race as I cycle along whacking any mob that starts going red. From that point assuming we are the same threat levels he is stuffed everytime he goes to get one off me it goes red and I will whack it hence why they complain.

    Hey if you can cleave and lock crap you are obviously doing that right because I am stuffed if I can I suck balls when I try it.
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