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Thread: Why did Druid tanks disappear?

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    Even with full 30 stam gems, I have 30% dodge in ICC. Compared to a warrior who would have 5-10% dodge and 20-30% parry, the avoidance difference is MUCH MUCH MUCH less noticable than at higher levels of avoidance than before for the reasons I mentioned before
    I was about to say that in reply to Hammerfists, but you beat me to it.

    Remember folks, we wear rogue leather, we're already swimming in agility. We don't have to "gear for agility" in order to have avoidance. Combined with the fact that we scale insanely well with stamina there's just no reason to go off trying to stack tons of agility.

    Even with Chill I'm sitting around 35% (I think. Could be over or under by a chunk.) total avoidance buffed (that's counting miss) without mongoose or idol procs which are up almost constantly it seems. That's with full stamina gems and enchants, except for a few shiftings in red sockets.

    I wish I could just broadcast this over all of WoW. "Bears still have dodge!"

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    You missed my point if your guild is complaining about you taking a lot more damage than the other tank you might consider upping your avoidence. Stacking straight stam isnt the holy grail of tanking its knowing your stats. The case point was "my bear is taking bigger/more hits" what do you say to that guy "you need more stam" or "try to see if you can git more dodge without dipping too low in stam". You can in fact have too much stam at which point you are a "mana sponge".

    I was pulling straws as we didnt get a wow armory of said person's druid buddy so all i could gather was that he probably wasnt sitting at full 232/245 because I raid with a druid tank and no one has said "hey fatty dodge one already".

    Take it easy i never said druids cant tank in fact if you search my posts ive said any class can tank effectively its by far the player's aptitude not the class.
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